Why Beauty Publications Are Raving About Vegamour's Natural Eyebrow Growth Serum

A rainbow shines on the eye of a freckled, brown-haired girl

Lashes, brows, and hair are so important to us. Bold brows give us confidence and accentuation. Lashes help us feel flirty, fun, and done up, even if we've neglected the rest of our make-up palette for the day. Having healthy hair is not just a fashion statement, it's part of our identity, which is why thinning hair and hair loss feels devastating. Lashes, brows, and hair all make a statement and there are countless products to service all three.

So why choose Vegamour? They're a progressive health & beauty brand that uses all-natural ingredients to improve hair growth and health. Totally backed by science, Vegamour's cruelty-free ingredients are ethically sourced and improve hair, lash, and brow health the way no product has before.

Vegamour products work on hair nourishment and growth in various ways, from vitamin gummies to lash growing serums and tinting gels. Check out what the experts are saying about Vegamour's healthy, clean products to service all your lash, brow & hair needs!

Some of us started brow care young, way back in middle school. It wasn't easy adjusting to our new bodies as young ladies and somehow all of a sudden we're paying an extra $6 at the nail salon every few weeks to get our eyebrows waxed. Our twelve-year-old selves and our current selves have very different ideas of what "sophistication" looks like, but at a certain point, what's done is done. We want a fuller look, something with more confidence and strength, but are at a loss. How do you make a brow that won't grow, grow?! The answer is Vegamour brow serum. It works quickly and safely by awakening dormant hair follicles. You can see naturally fuller brows appear literally before your eyes in as little as thirty days.

Are you all for a manicured look, but wary of putting products near your eyes? You're not alone. No one likes the stinging, burning feeling of chemicals. Our bodies are delicate, especially our eyes, and any treatment to enhance our beauty and happiness should be an act of self-love, not self-torture! Vegamour's chemical-free ingredients offer such a relief from the old "pain-is-beauty" mantra. Other brow and lash dyes use oxidative chemicals that the FDA warns can cause severe injury and even blindness! Knowing that all of Vegamour's products are 100% vegan and that their ingredients are ethically sourced will help you relax and indulge in your brow and lash care, rather than worry about discomfort or injury. Nourishing your hair follicles with clean, scientifically proven formulas will make you feel satisfied and relaxed, and what could be more beautiful than that!

Does hair shedding and thinning cause you to feel insecure, upset, and generally down? You're not alone. Everyone who has ever experienced hair loss and thinning knows exactly what you're going through, which is why the professionals at Vegamour created a line of hair care products that give you the volume and hair density you're seeking. The volumizing hair foam and serum are scientifically structured with all-natural ingredients to nourish your hair follicles, block production of hair-damaging DHT, and fortify the nerve endings which promote hair growth. You can try out the hair volumizing serum or foam at no risk and start seeing results in as little as ninety days. Vegamour accepts returns at any time for any reason, so you're getting a money back guarantee. They also offer Biotin gummy vitamins to help hair grow in thicker, fuller, and denser which can be used in conjunction with either topical product or on their own.

Vegamourhas everything you could want in a beauty product line. First off: it works. It's so refreshing to find hair growth products that truly help improve the quality of lash, brow, and hair growth rather than just try to cover up what is lacking. Vegamour is a pioneer in the world of self-care. Join the revolution!

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