The Products You Need To Know About For Your Hair Care Needs


The Products You Need To Know About For Your Hair Care Needs

Now that the days are getting longer and temperatures are starting to rise, it's time to get our beauty and wellness routines in check ladies! Pssst- we've got the deets on our favorite natural beauty brand's exclusive sale!

Nothing makes us feel more confident than having luxurious healthy hair, long, thick eyelashes, and thick, bold brows. But when it comes to trying to achieve these things, it's vital that we choose products that won't have a negative impact on our overall health.

Enter Vegamour.

Our go-to natural beauty brand has redefined hair growth products with its impressive line of serums, supplements, and kits. And Vegamour is celebrating this weekend by offering a deluxe sample with any new subscription order.

None of Vegamour's products contain any toxic ingredients, and everything is GMO-free, 100% vegan, and cruelty-free. We especially love this because you would not believe the insanely harmful ingredients that are lurking in so many big-name brands.

We're talking synthetic prostaglandins and minoxidil (we're looking at you Latisse, Revitalash, and Rogaine!). If you don't know, these ingredients can have some pretty detrimental side effects like changing eye color, scalp irritation, headaches, and even heart issues. So many of these dangerous brands hide behind their big-name ambassadors, but don't let a celebrity endorsement fool you!

The reality is that you don't need any of these toxins to grow your hair, lashes, and brows effectively, and Vegamourhas proven this. They use natural ingredients like Mung Bean and Red Clover, which have been clinically proven to slow the growth of DHT- the component that halts your hair's natural regrowth process, and Curcumin, which naturally increases follicle rejuvenation.

Vegamour also has a line of products for hair, lashes, and brows that contain all of their all-star ingredients with the addition of hemp, which has anti-inflammatory benefits.

All of Vegamour's products are not only 100% safe and natural, but they really work (the customer reviews on their site speak for themselves). Did we mention we have an exclusive 20% offer?

Spring might be over, but Vegamour is helping us look and feel our best all year long.

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