Vuori, Lululemon, & Alo Yoga - Which Is The Best?

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Now that everyone in the world orders their performance wear online, there's just so much to consider - so many brands, so many new fabrics and designs, so many shoddy knockoffs, and so many ways to get totally ripped off.

If I'm going to invest my best in my athletic wear, I want the best-of-the-best gear that's out there. That means premium quality, cutting edge fabrics, wears well, and looks so good on me I get compliments.

I can't tell you how many returns I've made - boxes and mail pouches pile up in the hallway. Just think of the waste in terms of time, packaging, shipping costs, not to mention my extreme disappointment. My partner Karl isn't as picky as me, but if I'm gonna go hiking with him - I want his gear to measure up.

I decided to do a deep dive into luxury performance apparel and it came down to three strong contenders: Lululemon, Alo Yoga, and Vuori.

You'll be surprised by what I found out:

Vuori Overview:

Vuori not only offers outstanding performance apparel but also a generous worldview - healthy body, healthy planet. Each piece of athleisure wear is functionally built to withstand the toughest workouts. Designed for next-level performance they use durable materials, featuring moisture-wicking, odor-free, and UPF 30+ technology.

Generally, Karl's indifferent to workout clothing - he's happy in his faded varsity hoodie. If it fits and hasn't fallen apart, he'll wear it. But me? I have needs. That's why I was thrilled by how soft and luxurious their fabrics are. Available in all sizes for all bodies, their pieces are top quality, come in a variety of rich colors, have style for days, and truly compliment our lives.

But when I saw that some of the women's line had pockets? I screamed. Hallelujah - finally. Thank you Vuori!

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Lululemon Overview:

Who hasn't worn Lululemon to work out? They've earned quite the reputation in luxury activewear. The name usually conjures images of women's yoga wear, but they offer a variety of clothing for other sports/activities such as running and gym work.

Karl checked out their men's line - the joggers, the shorts - but they're really for leisure, not performance at all. Although they occasionally use high-tech and UPF protective fabric, the details are buried in the product description. I don't like this kind of time waste, so I got a bit annoyed with their site.

Sure, they have water bottles and yoga mats and all kinds of items, but I require high-performance activewear that provides maximum movement and comfort.

Returns are fine, but there are exceptions and they told me to read their policy closely. Again, I don't have time for this. The clothing is well made, though we found the design and color choices on the dull side. Honestly, their stuff reminds me of LL Bean.

Alo Yoga Overview:

The first word that crossed my mind when I hit Alo's site was, unimpressed. It seems like fast fashion - made to fit the trends with lower quality. While there are tons of options it felt like way too many and I couldn't figure out how to cut through the noise.

Alo's deep into yoga, mindfulness, and solar power – the company's main office works off sunlight. While we like the ideas behind Alo and their position as "sweatshop-free and eco-aware," we weren't sold on their styles - edgier than most yoga gear. It felt a bit too niche and not versatile enough for the range of activities we love.

Their return policy is pretty much standard - most items will be accepted but, like Lululemon, there are exceptions. Their tech-fabric is non-existent and there's no sign of UV protective gear. I wasn't too happy with this company.

Final Thoughts

Time for the roundup when I weigh out all the pros and cons between Lululemon, Alo Yoga, and Vuori. In terms of color, design, leading-edge fabrics, and durability it's blatantly clear that Vuori's my pick.

Why? Wearing my Vuori makes me feel like a pro - I look forward to hitting the weekend trails in my gear. Karl digs his Indigo Kore Shorts and actually has 5 pairs in different colors! I love their hoodies, the yoga collection, but my Daily Legging is my hands-down favorite whether for a workout or lounging at home.

Plus, Vuori is genuinely committed to sustainability so 50% of their products are constructed from high-quality sustainable materials. They intend to make it 80% by 2022. Not only is it the best choice for our lifestyle but the planet too!

Finally, their Investment In Happiness product guarantee is what convinced me to become a Vuori groupie - Love the product or send it back. When it comes to activewear, Vuori means I never have to sacrifice my aesthetic, my comfort, or my standards ever again.

If you require exceptional style and function for both men and women all in one place, check out Vuori for the finest in performance apparel.

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