What Are The Best Golf Clubs For Summer 2024? Here’s Our Pick

What Are The Best Golf Clubs For Summer 2024? Here’s Our Pick

Summer is officially here, and for golfers — it’s the best time of year to play. The weather is warmer, the sunsets arrive later, and even the ball goes further.

If you’re getting out driven by your friends and missing greens, your clubs are probably due for an upgrade. With so many options out there, finding the right set can feel like hitting a hole in one on a 260-yard par 3.

That’s why our sports editors researched and tested the top golf club brands so you don’t have to. And this season, PXG is our top pick with its GEN6 Collection.

Why Choose PXG’s GEN6 Collection?

The GEN6 Collection boasts the latest advancements in club technology across irons, drivers, and hybrids/fairway woods.

The irons feature a face that's 15% thinner, PXG’s patented XCOR2 inner core, and improved mass positioning in the top rail. These components allow for incredible forgiveness, distance, and accuracy. Available in 4 sleek colorways, these clubs also look as good as they perform.

The GEN6 Drivers feature high-speed face technology, a mass-saving, high-strength carbon fiber crown, and the most versatile adjustable weighting system in the golf industry. You’ll approach every tee box with confidence once you feel the power of these clubs.

Sure, they’re built with the newest technology on the market, but how do the GEN6 Drivers perform?

The GEN6 Drivers score a whopping 93% win rate against competitors — averaging 9.9 yards more distance and 35% tighter dispersion. BOOM!

Will They Work For Your Swing?

From the club head to the shaft and grip, PXG offers a ton of customization options. Rather than changing your unique swing to fit your clubs, PXG does the opposite. Their expert fitting sessions allow players to receive custom sets that are specifically tailored to their swing.

The GEN6 Collection features precision weighting tech that can be customized for players who hit fades or draws. With 5 different shaft options and 16 grip variations, every aspect of the GEN6 clubs can be fine-tuned to fit your game perfectly.

We recommend signing up for an expert fitting at your local PXG store to get the full experience!

To Recap…

From drivers to irons, every PXG GEN6 club is engineered with top-notch materials and cutting-edge features to maximize performance.

Whether you’re looking to add a few yards to your drive, improve your accuracy, or just enjoy a more responsive feel, definitely give PXG’s GEN6 Collection a try. Your scorecard will thank you!

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