lululemon Studio Trainers Share Their Tips For A Better Workout

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My biggest challenge to staying in shape was finding and maintaining a consistent workout routine. The list of variables was endless— where to work out, how to work out, when to work out—and it often left me with more questions than answers. Then I discovered lululemon Studio and those questions were answered. As a result, I’m exercising more than ever and in the best shape of my life.

lululemon Studio Mirror takes up just two feet of wall space and doubles as a beautiful piece of home decor. Turn it on and it is a portal to 10,000+ live and on-demand classes in over 50 fitness categories. You can do anything from yoga to kickboxing to barre, all from the comfort of your home, and even experience world-class workouts from studios like Rumble Boxing, DOGPOUND, and AARMY

If you’re uncertain what class to take, lululemon Studio Mirror will recommend workouts based on your profile and activity. There’s even a personalized health score, workout data, and progress tracking so you can make sure you’re getting the most from your workouts.

One thing I was not expecting was the social component – I’ve made so many new friends! Despite working out alone, I’m able to see everyone in my class and “friend” them through lululemon Studio Mirrorr’s community features. I can also track their progress, send virtual high-fives, and filter my workouts so I only see my connections in each class.

My favorite thing about lululemon Studio Mirror, however, is the instructors. They’re not only great teachers who push me to do my best, but are experts on health and fitness. I was lucky enough to speak with them about lululemon Studio Mirror and how it will help people achieve their workout goals. Here’s what they had to say:

Why is it important to stay physically active?

“The most important purpose of fitness is health! Being healthy leads to a happier, pain-free lifestyle. Keeping our body and mind in shape for the challenges life will bring. If we can prepare our bodies to feel good and have energy all the time, why not try. That is priceless! Literally priceless!”

-XTina Jensen , Cardio Bootcamp Instructor

What are some tips to stay motivated?

“Remember your WHY and know that you always feel good after your workout. Take pride in prioritizing you.”

-Pilin Anice, Yoga & Meditation Instructor

Why is it so important to have good form when working out?

“It is important for injury prevention and seeing the results you desire. lululemon Studio Mirror can help correct your form via our fundamentals classes, and by seeing yourself and your form throughout the workout. If you struggle with finding the right technique, we have an incredible staff of personal trainers who can work with you one-on-one to build the muscle memory needed for good form.”

- Ashtain Rothchild, Boxing Instructor

How do people know which workout class is best for them?

“With over 10,000 classes to choose from on lululemon Studio Mirror, it's important to get clear on what your specific goals are first. Get stronger, lose fat, improve anaerobic fitness, run your first 5K, learn a new dance style, destress, and relax - whatever your goal is, MIRROR has a class that can help get you there.”

- Lance Parker, Cardio + Strength Instructor

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How do people know what the right level of challenge is?

“The right level of challenge for yourself is one where it feels moderately hard, but you can keep up with the coach's intensity and form cues. MIRROR offers 4 different levels from basic beginner classes to expert level classes that will push the best athletes to be their best selves and feel successful regardless of if it's the first workout or their 10,000th workout.”

- Chris Ryan, Strength Conditioning Instructor

How often should people work out?

“Ideally, you should move your body at least 20-30 minutes a day, 5-6 days a week.”

-Gerren Liles, Cardio Bootcamp Instructor

Is there a time of day that’s best for working out?

“The best time of the day to work out is the time you know you will commit to it and GET IT DONE! If I'm doing a dance cardio workout, I personally feel my best in the mid-afternoon.”

-Lonnie Poupard, Dance Cardio Instructor

What are the best tips to avoid injury?

“I highly recommend taking classes with lululemon Studio Mirror camera on, and turning on the lights, so that the trainers can see you and offer form cues. This will help ensure that you’re moving correctly. I also stress the importance of listening to your body - if something is painful, please don't continue to do it. It is also important to take consistent rest days, especially if you’re new to working out or returning to fitness after a hiatus.”

- Lonnie Poupard, Dance Cardio Instructor

What do you think the most important health metrics are?

“I believe the most important health metric is lifestyle. This encompasses a full scope of your medical, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being to ensure you are working towards living your best life!”

-Amanda Robinson, Dance Cardio Instructor

When do people typically start seeing results?

“A lot of this is dependent on an individual's discipline, consistency,and genetics also play a role. Universally, I say within 30 days most people will start to see some transformation. However, it really does come down to the individual's discipline with their workouts and nutrition.”

- Ashtain Rothchild, Boxing Instructor

Unlike other expensive home gyms, lululemon Studio Mirror costs $1,495 with a $39/month Membership plan. Plus, each Membership is a family plan so as many as six members of your household can work out with their own profile, statistics, and unique workout plans.

lululemon Studio Mirror – and their exceptional instructors – removes every hurdle you have with your workout. With 10,000+ classes, cutting-edge technology, and personalized fitness recommendations, you’ll get in a great workout in as little as 15 minutes or as long as an hour.

Order lululemon Studio Mirror today and change the way you work out!

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