What To Do About Messy Roommates

The Solution That Makes Everyone Happy

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When I moved in with my college friends Melissa and Jessica, I was super excited.

At first, everything was great. Jessica would sometimes cook for me, Melissa lets us borrow her cute clothes, and I always pick up their favorite snacks when I'm in the store.

But soon the mess started to build up and we began to butt heads, especially now that everyone works from home. Jessica leaves her towels on the bathroom floor and Melissa never washes the dishes after making food. I'll even admit, I have a habit of leaving my stuff all around the apartment.

We started a chore wheel to divide the cleaning fairly (and stop us from killing each other). It was working for a while, but we're all so busy with our jobs that some chores didn't get done.

One evening, Jessica called a meeting for us all. She complained about the dishes in the sink and I complained about the dust on the shelf. We all came to realize that we were all as messy as each other, but too busy adjusting to working from home to give the apartment the clean it really needs.

We were brainstorming solutions when Melissa said she remembered her previous neighbor using Handy to book cleanings for her home. Jessica and I weren't too enthused. The sound of a deep clean of the whole apartment did sound great, but I was worried about the cost.

Plus, Jessica was worried about the quality of the cleaning service. I mean, would they be vetted professionals? How had the company handled the pandemic? Melissa insisted we check out the Handy site.

Background Checked Cleanings
Easily Book Your Cleaning Through Their Site

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We read that Handy does background checks on all the cleaning pros booked through their platform to make sure they are experienced and reliable. We also liked that we could read reviews and request the Pro we wanted to work with. They also provided a lot of information on the Handy Safety Standard they've implemented to maintain the health and safety of the customers and professionals who use their platform. Not only do they require Pros to confirm they are symptom free before they can claim jobs, they've also provided Pros with face coverings to wear during bookings. This made us all feel more comfortable with the idea.

We also found the prices to be super affordable, especially when split 3 ways! This wasn't going to be a major splurge.

Handy offers weekly, biweekly, or monthly cleaning plans. We decided that the monthly would be best for us to start with. The fact that you can manage everything online or through the Handy app is super convenient.

Plus you can add extras, like laundry, inside the fridge, inside the oven, windows. We might use this in the future since our fridge can get pretty disgusting! Also, if we needed to reschedule a cleaning, we could just go on our phones and move the day or time of the cleaning super easily.

We never expected to be able to afford a cleaning service, but we are planning to sign up for a monthly cleaning plan with Handy and we're all really looking forward to having a clean and tidy home.

With Handy's guarantee for happiness and safety, we're feeling confident that this will be a great way for us to take some stress and pressure off ourselves.

Update: The folks at Handy are extending a Special offer to our readers. For a limited time follow this link to get a special offer on a cleaning plan!

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