What Wellness Products Are We Adding To Cart Ahead Of Prime Day?

What Wellness Products Are We Adding To Cart Ahead Of Prime Day?

Prime Day is coming up, so it’s time to start researching how to save on the best wellness brands. Our Prime Day Pro Tip? Add to your cart now, but wait for Prime Day to get the best deal!

The world of wellness is saturated, but we've found a premium brand known for its purity and efficacy that is a real game changer for your overall health.

Moon Juice™ is a vegan, clean, and non-GMO wellness brand known for its holistic approach to its products with specific attention to:

  • Sourcing (100% traceable and 3rd party tested)
  • Dose (clinically proven doses)
  • Form (bioavailable and easy for the body to absorb)

Which Moon Juice Products Are We Adding-To-Cart Ahead Of Prime Day?

For Better Rest…

Magnesi-Om® — This viral product seen all over TikTok employs a powerhouse formula with three different types of Magnesium and L-Theanine. Magnesium Gluconate to support muscle relaxation. Magnesium Acetyl Taurinate supports brain function and PMS relief, while Magnesium Citrate supports healthy bowel movements. This combined with a dose of L-Theanine to help stave off cognitive aging, makes Magnesi-Om® the perfect mocktail to wind down before bed so you can catch those ZZZs that we’re all after.

Sleepy Magnesi-Om® — Based on its best-selling supplement Magnesi-Om® with a twist! With a naturally sourced microdose of 0.3mg of Phytomelatonin, 2 bioavailable forms of Magnesium, and a higher dose of L-Theanine, Sleepy Magnesi-Om® helps regulate circadian rhythms and supports better sleep without flooding your receptors and making you groggy the next day. Taken as needed, it’s an effective solution during times of stress, while traveling, shift work, or when you feel super tired.

For Better Hydration and Energy…

Mini Dew™ — A 2-in-1 electrolyte and mineral supplement designed for optimal hydration to help with overall energy and brain function. This formula provides the body with what it needs, especially during the summer months. It also includes ionic trace minerals and chelated essential minerals. What does all that mean? Simply put, it’s great for the health of your brain, mood, hormones, recovery, energy, skin, and hair, trust us.

Ting™ — A non-stim dietary supplement designed to enhance energy, metabolism, and mood. This formula provides a holistic, caffeine-alternative that boosts energy levels and supports overall well-being.

Ting™ includes a carefully sourced blend of ingredients. Vitamin B Complex helps convert fat, protein, and carbs into energy; Vitamin B12 supports healthy serotonin production; Adaptogenic Ginseng supports healthy brain function and short-term memory; and Folate helps with mood regulation.

What’s The Deal?

We did some sleuthing and found out that Moon Juice is offering up to 30% off on their products site-wide! We're definitely loading up our carts now to stock up on these must-haves for your daily regimens

The Verdict?

If we could buy everything sold by Moon Juice, we would.

As storied experts with an entire line of high-quality, holistic products that build a healthier you from the inside out, Moon Juice really is a one-stop shop for overall wellness that we happily swear by.

Don’t miss out on your chance to save on the best wellness products out there this Prime Day. Add Moon Juice to your cart now!

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