Why Is HelloFresh The World's Most Popular Meal Kit?

Find out why everybody's raving about HelloFresh, America's #1 most popular meal kit. Their classic plan has 15 recipes each week for you to choose from ranging from "hall of fame" all-time customer favorites, to gourmet and veggie options. With brand new recipes added every single week you can wave goodbye to the dinner-time rut. Almost all recipes take under 30 minutes and come with easy-to-understand instruction cards. It's easy to see why so many of us love HelloFresh.

75% cheaper than shopping at the grocery store

Sharpen your cooking skills! Detailed recipe cards with pictures are easy to understand so customer's step up their dinner game from newbie to home chef.

Steak lovers rejoice, with +100 different steak dishes so far, you'll learn to how to perfect medium and medium-rare.

Fresh Choices - Fill your table with everyone's favorite vegetables and you'll taste the difference.

No More Food Waste! Perfectly portioned ingredients for each meal, so you won't end up throwing out the extra produce rotting in the fridge.

HelloFresh is changing the way America eats dinner. Starting at just $6.95 per meal, and with plenty of picky-eater options for kids, making a home cooked meal with fresh ingredients in under 30 minutes has never been easier.

Update: Our friends at HelloFresh are extending a special New Year's Sale to our readers! Follow this link to get 8 meals free!

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