Mack Weldon Gets To The Point When It Comes To Basics

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Why is it so difficult to find quality essentials? I used to find myself standing in the underwear aisle staring at all the options and not wanting to buy yet another pair of socks or underwear that were just going to stretch out or shrink. It felt like a game of roulette trying to find consistent fit and quality. With seemingly endless options in the store, it always shocked me when I couldn't find a single brand I liked, not to mention the money I spent trying. That's why when my friend told me about Mack Weldon, I was willing to check it out.

Mack Weldon is reinventing the way basics are made. They deliver products that are both comfortable and functional but the difference is in the details. All the products are smartly designed to keep you cool and comfortable - they incorporate technology like real silver in their fabrics and their most popular material is a blend of cotton, beechwood, modal, and Lycra that naturally expands to create a consistent fit. The best part is that Mack Weldon makes ordering basics simple with their easy-to-use site and fast shipping (free over $50).

I was due for some new essentials and wanted the free shipping so I decided to stock up. I ordered a pair of boxer briefs to see how I liked them, as well as some undershirts, and a 2-pack of socks.

I could tell right away that the boxer briefs were good quality and insanely soft. I wore them all day and didn't once have to adjust them for riding up or fix the waistband. The mesh design helped with breathability and comfort during my workout. The crew neck undershirt has a nice slim fit and the long cut makes it easier to tuck in and layer. I've washed it a few times and it hasn't stretched out or shrunk which is a huge plus. Socks are something I don't really pay attention to but these have the perfect amount of cushion and the heels don't slip down when I walk. I've since bought more boxer briefs and found my new favorite sweatshirt- the Ace hoodie I can throw over anything.

Basics shouldn't be such a difficult and overwhelming category and Mack Weldon gets that. They've taken the guessing game out of buying everyday items and created a brand that we've all been searching for. I'm stoked to have finally found my go-to brand I know will always be reliable and consistent with fit and design. Even though the price point is on the steeper side, premium quality means that these basics will last longer and I won't have to keep buying socks and underwear over and over again. Mack Weldon has finally solved this problem because buying basics shouldn't be complex.

Update: Mack Weldon offers free shipping over $50 and hassle-free returns on all orders! Follow this link to check out our go-to site for men's basics.

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