Why We’re Leaving Postmates Behind For Thistle

Why We’re Leaving Postmates Behind For Thistle
  • The meal delivery service, Thistle, has changed lives for people on the west coast
  • Their nutritious meals are now available on the east coast, for convenient, nourishing meals delivered to your doorstep
  • Read below to see why everyone is signing up for Thistle

Postmates and UberEats are such convenient options, you can start to forget there’s more than just takeout.

We love the convenience, variety, and ease of ordering food to our doorstep, but all that extra salt and those extra fees can really mess with our waistlines and wallets.

After doing some digging we found a way to, as they say, “autopilot our diet”: Thistle. They deliver wholesome, nutritious, plant-powered meals right to your home, with no extra fees or salty sauces. They’ve got a globally-inspired menu that highlights superfoods and deprioritizes dairy and gluten, so you and your tastebuds will be impressed.

Here’s everything we love about takeout and how Thistle does it better:

The Convenience

Now that you don’t even have to speak to anyone on the phone to place an order anymore, takeout is king. It’s fast, there’s no cooking or cleaning, and you can skip the drive for an extra fee.

However, you do still have to do some time math. Friday night? You might be waiting an hour for food from that popular new pizza spot and it might even arrive cold. Then there’s the rare horror of a wrong order…

With Thistle, you get to choose your meals and they’re delivered weekly right to your door. And there’s minimal prep. A quick heat up on a skillet or a shake of a smoothie is all that is required with Thistle. Amazing salads and bowls bursting with flavor sitting in your fridge so you don’t have to deal with being hangry.

It’s also not just dinner; instead of waiting in the long Sunday bagel line, you can crack open a Pumpkin Chia Pudding or a Balsamic Pear Crumble with Vanilla Cashew Cream.

The Nutrition

Unless you’re ordering from a health spot, you’ll often get a little more grease, sugar, or salt than you’d normally cook with. And even if it is a health spot, you might get lost in a giant portion.

Thistle’s meals are perfectly portioned and focus on plant ingredients. You can stack on extra proteins like grilled chicken, but on a typical week you’ll get meals like Crispy Chickpea Mediterranean Salad, Miso Glazed Kabocha Curry, and Cuban Ropa Vieja With Plantains (with jackfruit or pork, up to you!).

Satisfying and delicious. They’ve also got a line of refreshing cold-pressed juices so you can add a little Balanced Beet or Watermelon Berry to your day.

The Money

Restaurants will always charge more than the sum of the ingredients, but then when you add delivery fees, app service fees, and tips, the bill can be shocking.

With Thistle, you can count on one portion of your budget not to budge every month. Meals start at $11.50, and you have a ton of flexibility. You can get a delivery for 3-6 days per week, swap lunches, dinners, breakfasts, and juices, and pause or opt out at any time.

With Thistle, we’ve got the ease of takeout, plus better foods and more savings. Delivery apps, we say goodbye for now, because Thistle’s taking care of us better than takeout ever could.

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