Why You Deserve Better Than Store-Brand Laundry Detergent

Laundry has never been my thing. I'm that person that waits until they're on their last pair of underwear before I even consider putting on a load. I'd like to think that I'm a pretty snazzy dresser, so when I do finally find the strength to do laundry (I really hate it) I always find myself either hand washing or hand washing my garments in order to extend their life. I really hate that flowery, generic laundry detergent smell, plus my skin is on the sensitive side, so I try to avoid the store bought brands that contain a bunch of harmful chemicals. I wanted to find a detergent that would be kind to my clothes, but that also didn't smell like you've been slapped in the face with a bouquet of flowers. Thankfully, I discovered Frey, a line of products that takes a different approach to laundry.

When I checked out Frey's site, I saw that they offer a pretty amazing set of products to help you up your laundry game- everything from concentrated detergents to wrinkle decreaser sprays - all free of parabens, sulfates and OBA's (that's the bad stuff I was talking about). They even have a quiz that'll help you know what products would best suit your needs. And the best part? The sleek black bottle and intoxicating scent. It's like nothing I've ever smelt before. No really, it's kinda like cologne mixed with a fresh November day and something else alluring that I can't quite put my finger on, all rolled into one. The concentrated, chemical-free formulas mean that all of Frey's products are not only gentle to my skin, but to the fibres in my clothes, too. I can finally wash the majority of my clothes in a washing machine without having to worry about the colors fading or losing shape, and I'm saving money on dry-cleaning.

Frey's good for the earth, too. All of their products are made with biodegradable, natural ingredients, and they even plant a tree for every order they get. When I sat down and did the math, Frey detergent is actually cheaper than store bought detergent, which can be up to $0.93 per load. Frey cost's just $0.40 a load! Laundry time no longer evokes a sense of dread in me- they also have a convenient subscription option, which means that I never have to worry about running out. Frey's products have made my clothes (and me!) look, feel and smell, better than ever before.

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