You Know You Need Handy When...

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I'm convinced some people are just born skilled at cleaning. They know how to get down and dirty to make sure their homes are spotless. They're the type of people that cleaned out every cupboard in their homes in the first week of lockdown and are now onto washing their ceiling or something crazy like that. Then there are people like me, who opted for laying in bed binge-watching every TV series I could find! But I have to be honest- my home is just getting too messy during quarantine, even more than normal. And the thought of tackling it is giving me a headache and grossing me out at the same time.

I'd rather leave it to the professionals. That's why I'm happy I found Handy. Handy provides an efficient, effortless way to take care of your home. The app works by connecting you to local professionals who provide top-notch, affordable cleaning services. You can schedule a cleaning right on the app. All you need to do is provide them with info on the size of your home, how often you want it cleaned and what best works for your schedule. You'll get an upfront price before you book so there are no surprises. When the scheduled time arrives, a fully-equipped professional will arrive at your home to scrub down all the gross places you're too afraid to touch. The best part - all cleaning professionals booked through Handy are background checked so they've done the vetting for you.

I've accepted I'm not a cleaning person. But there were some tell-tale signs that let me know it was probably time to hire someone. Here's when you know your dirty home has gotten really bad.

1. It's no longer safe to walk around barefoot

Mopping is hard work. Who even wants to wring a mop after you've finished wiping down some icky stuff? Not me. So, I get half of your wine bottle has found a home on your kitchen floor, but seriously, if you can't walk around without your socks getting stuck to the surface of the floor, it's time to hire a cleaning pro.

2. You're afraid to actually sit down on your toilet

The bathroom sees you naked more than your SO does, so if you don't feel comfortable there, you have a serious problem. Don't worry, a cleaning pro won't be afraid to dive into the cesspool that is your bathroom.

3. When you can see the spaghetti stain even if the microwave door is closed

You should've known that just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it's not there. If your microwave has gotten so dirty, leftovers and microwaveable popcorn for your binge-watching sessions are not an option, then it's time to get with Handy to book a cleaning.

4. When your toaster oven is in danger of starting a house fire

So you've finally discovered your toaster oven isn't a black hole after all. If it's starting to smoke up, blame it on the crumbs and pieces of bread you've lost in there and never retrieved. Seriously if you care anything about your safety, please get a cleaning pro.

5. When your mom comes over and tells you-you need to vacuum but you just did

You know she will be straight over once this is all over to inspect. Don't worry though, I have a hunch she won't have anything to say once your cleaning pro gets through with your home. You can even try to pass off the cleaning job as your own. I won't tell.

It's not your fault cleaning isn't your thing right now - or ever.. Trust me, I know. Luckily, through Handy, you can find a professional to do it for you so you have a home you actually want to isolate in. They have also introduced the Handy Safety Standard to promote the safety of the customers and professionals who use the platform. Among other measures, they have provided professionals with PPE (masks and gloves) to wear during bookings and professionals are required to complete a daily in-app checkup to verify they are symptom free before they can claim a job.

Feels like handy is going to be my savior during lockdown! And after it too.

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