3 Bad Habits We All Need To Break This Year

Want some real new year's resolution inspiration?

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Like most people, every new year, I think of a new resolution to improve my life.

Last year's was to drink more water, and I have successfully drank more water this year than in previous years! It was only by purchasing an enormous water bottle that I was able to make drinking water more convenient.

But even though I have the best intentions every year, I still somehow manage to pick up some bad habits.

Here are 3 bad habits I plan to quit in 2020 and how you can, too:

Stop Putting Off Exercise

Last year, I tried joining a gym, thinking it would motivate me to exercise, but it never worked - I think I only went 3 times all year! The thought of exercising in public is intimidating. I never knew where to start when it comes to the gym.

This year, I plan to start using Aaptiv to help me exercise at home in my own time, after a friend recommended it to me.

Aaptiv is an audio-based exercise app with a variety of fitness classes designed and taught by certified personal trainers and set to curated playlists. Classes range from a quick stretch under 10 minutes, to running, strength training, elliptical, and yoga workouts. I'm going to start strength training, and when I get more comfortable with the workouts, I plan to start taking them to the gym.

Stop Overspending

Looking back on my finances over the past year, I've spent far too much money on unnecessary things (Lattes are my weakness). So, my plan is to get a coffee machine in my apartment to use instead of going to Starbucks daily. Plus, I plan to start making my own lunches for work instead of buying lunch every day. This will save me money and hopefully help me eat healthier, too.

Stop Bringing Work Stress Home

My job can get pretty busy and stressful at times. My problem is, I take the stress home with me. I've done some research and looked into ways to wind down and de-stress, and one thing that keeps coming up is meditation.

My friend meditates daily and says it has reduced her stress levels dramatically. I've wanted to try it for a while but had no idea how to do it or where to start. When I discovered Aaptiv also has meditation classes, I was delighted I would finally be able to try it.

With some help from Aaptiv, I'll hopefully be able to break these habits and reach my fitness goals and be a little less stressed this year. Luckily, Aaptiv has classes for complete beginners and pros, so it's accessible for everyone.

Each class has a carefully curated playlist to match the rhythm and intensity of the workout – genres include dance/electronic, pop, alternative, classic rock, and hip hop. It's only $14.99 a month or $99 annually, plus it's super easy to cancel.

I've already checked out Aaptiv, and the classes are fantastic, so fun and so clear. I'd recommend Aaptiv to anyone who wants to start exercising at their own pace and wants to start the new year off with some positive changes.

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