How Clothing From Le Tote Cured My Cluttered Closet

How I revamped my wardrobe, one outfit at a time.

How Clothing From Le Tote Cured My Cluttered Closet

I've always had a problem with hoarding, especially when it comes to clothes. From my old dance costumes and soccer uniforms to my prom dress and graduation gown, clothes held so many memories for me. Now at 29, you can imagine how that added up over the years!

I recently moved in with my boyfriend, and one of the biggest wake up calls was having to share a closet for the first time. He's a minimalist and I'm, well, "sentimental." He has always loved my style but soon realized he was moving in with someone with serious attachment issues!

Not only were we adjusting to our newly shared space, we were never home at the same time. I thought I'd surprise him one week by cleaning out my closet little by little. Each day was a hard-fought contest of "keep or donate?" between all my beloved clothes and accessories. By the end of the week, we now had a decent "his and hers" closet set up. But my next project was maintaining it for the long run. That's where Le Tote came in.

I was speaking with my coworker about my new move, and she said the same dilemma happened to her when she moved in with her husband. She recommended I try Le Tote, an online clothing subscription service that sends her new clothes and accessories every month. So instead of filling up her closet, she could return the items at the end of the month and get a brand new outfit the next week! She loved that she would have a nice, customized package of new clothes waiting at home every few weeks. That sounded just perfect for me!

I went on the website and signed up for my first tote. Le Tote has brands from Lucky Brand and Nike to Vince Camuto and Nine West. I picked out a beautiful, flowy Free People skirt, two tops, a pair of Rebecca Minkoff earrings and a scarf - three garments and two accessories in all. Within the next week, my tote arrived! I loved all the items, especially the skirt. I kept spinning around the apartment in it and my boyfriend thought I was the cutest thing ever. After spending a few days with the items, I was ready to return them all, except for the skirt. I was keeping that skirt! For any items you want to keep, Le Tote offers a special discount off the retail price of the item. This particular item was nearly 40% off the retail price!

UPDATE: The folks at Le Tote are offering subscriptions starting at $39/month! Shipping is always free, so follow this link to order yours today!

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