How to Start Running Without Ruining Your Knees: Lumo Run


A lot of my friends have been running for years. They say it's incredibly liberating. I was long in envy of the runner's high, so I recently hopped on the bandwagon, starting with jogging. My biggest concern was ruining my knees, which many of my friends have nearly done. I've gone on a few runs with them but usually end up far behind. Seeking advice for new runners, I read a blog post about Lumo Run, a wearable fitness device that acts as a personal trainer, with safety and structure at the forefront. I'm pretty interested in this fitness tech stuff, so I figured I'd give it a try.

I've always had a problem holding myself accountable for any kind of workout. I've been known to give up or modify an activity because it's too strenuous, so I needed something to monitor me and give me real-time feedback. But I didn't have the budget to hire a fitness coach. I liked how it seemed that Lumo Run could measure different metrics of running, like cadence, braking, and bounce. All of that was a bit foreign to me, but I was eager to learn.

Lumo Run couldn't have been easier to get started. All I had to do was clip it onto the waistband of my shorts and download the app, and it gives me real-time feedback on my running form through my headphones. It's a small device that's sweat and waterproof, which is good for me, since I sweat a lot. It focuses on training muscles for long-term results with a 5% coaching model. That means, I could improve my form at my own pace so I can avoid overexerting myself or doing things incorrectly to increase the chance of injury. Lumo Run uniquely focuses on my target areas, so I can truly become the best runner I can be.

One of the other cool perks that I've benefited from with Lumo Run is their suggestions for personalized exercises that are specifically meant to train the muscles that need the most help. I usually just copy the stretches that my friends do, but Lumo Run helped me realize that all runners are different and I shouldn't just follow the pack. If I were to have just joined in with them full-throttle without having properly gotten myself up to speed, I'm sure I would have injured myself.

After a couple of months working with Lumo Run, I feel confident enough about my form to go on serious runs with my friends. And I'm not in last place anymore! Even the veteran runners in the group compliment me on my form. I'm just as happy as they are that I started running. That runner's high is so worth it. Running is now a part of my life, and I couldn't have done it without Lumo Run.

Update: The awesome folks over at Lumo are offering a special deal for our readers. Follow this link to get free shipping with your purchase of Lumo Run!

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