How TopResume Helped Me Make The Switch To A New Industry

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Switching industries is a challenge. It's scary to go from what you've known for years to something completely new. Last year, I did exactly that. After years of climbing the financial ladder, I wanted a new challenge and everyone had been buzzing about tech. It's important to understand what skills you have and how those can be adapted in your new field. Beginning the job search was a bit daunting, and required a lot of time and patience, but the most important thing I needed was to translate my expertise to the new field. I was still working and didn't have time to go through and rewrite my resume a hundred times in twenty different versions. I knew having a strong resume would greatly increase my chances of getting interviews and job offers, and that's when TopResume saved me .

TopResume offers online resume writing services designed to improve your resume and increase your chances of finding a job. They will write your resume for you -- genius. Even if you have years of experience, they understand the differences between industries and how to showcase your skills. Employers take a big risk when hiring a candidate from a different industry. TopResume uses the expert knowledge of professional resume writers, paired with their expertise behind the applicant tracking systems (ATS) -- a system employers use to filter resumes before sending them to human hands. Their resume writers understand this system and know how to create more effective resumes that get past this initial screening stage.

I was willing to throw multiple resources at my job search (anything to avoid writing it myself). I took the first step and submitted my resume for a free review. Based on the feedback, my resume needed a good amount of re-working to make it optimal and relevant in tech. I tried doing it myself and realized it's hard to highlight your own skills...it's also incredibly boring. So I skipped the painful part, and decided to move forward with TopResume. There were 3 different services available: I chose the one that offered a professionally written resume for $149. The other options also included a professionally written cover letter, and a rewritten LinkedIn profile.

The writer, Jamie, was well-versed in the tech industry, and collected thorough information about my background from a questionnaire, in order to better understand my goals. I was hopeful that having a professionally written resume would help get me more call backs and interviews, and it has proved to be the perfect supplemental resource to my efforts. Jamie crafted my resume in a way that I never would have been able to articulate on my own, and tailored my experience in finance to create a great profile for a candidate in tech. After only a few weeks of using my new resume to apply for jobs, I secured multiple interviews and call backs. I've since signed on with a tech firm that feels like the perfect fit for me. The value that TopResume provided is unparalleled, and I truly don't think I would've been able to create such a well-rounded resume without their help.

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