17 Memphis are Rebooting Country Music

You've seen Chelsea Davenport and Felix Snow on the scene before, but you've never seen them like this before

"'Reboot' is what country should sound like right now, in 2019."

That's what Felix Snow of 17 Memphis has to say about the band's latest offering. Released in August, this catchy genre-crossover about a couple fighting for their relationship just got the music video treatment, and Popdust has the exclusive on it right here. It has classic MTV feel, glossy 21st century sheen, and shows us how country music should sound and look at the close of the 2010s.

"We did this video with the very talented Rachel Deeb. We wanted to keep the concept simple and beautiful," says Chelsea Davenport, the other half of 17, "We filmed at a giant paint warehouse in Nashville, got the band together and just went for it." In contrast to the borderline improvisational nature of the shoot; the final product has a polished and almost David Fincher feel in places. Notably, the use of black and white and the recurring shot of Davenport interacting with a mirror create this impression. "This is our first official music video as 17 Memphis," adds Davenport, "so it's our big 'hello' to the world."

17 Memphis is not your typical country group. Apart from their sound, that blends influences from all corners of the musical world, they have a story that feels ripped from the pages of a novel. Both Davenport and Snow had successful careers as solo acts, but after ending up in a Memphis hotel room together following a cross-country road trip an acoustic guitar brought them together into a musical and romantic partnership. "17 Memphis is our heart and our life. It's literally us. No put ons, no masks. Every time we play, whether it's in front of our dogs or in front of a crowd, it feels like home," enthuses Snow, "We are proud to be a part of music that's so free and unencumbered."

There is certainly something special about these two, and about "Reboot." The piece, both as a visual and an auditory work, is a wonderful indicator of what they are capable of. The song speaks to feelings we've all had in a relationship at some point, the feeling of righteous anger that flies in the face of the love you feel for the person you are angry with. All of that followed by regret, and the desire to get back to a moment deceptively close-by, before feelings were hurt and egos bruised. The video presents this story in a way that puts the duo front and centre, and then lets them tell you what they're all about. It's a fantastic video debut, and the world is ready to see more of what these two have to offer.

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