The members of K-pop super-group Girls' Generation have spent almost their entire careers as single ladies, but this year has seen the girls stepping out, one by one, and confirming that they're actually in relationships. In January, Yoona revealed that she was dating Korea's golden boy Lee Seung Gi, and Sooyoung followed shortly after by confirming that actor Jung Kyung-ho is her boyfriend.

Now we've just found out that the man that recently snitched out Hyoyeon to the cops is actually her now-ex-boyfriend Kim Jun Hyung, while Tiffany has come out and confirmed that she's in a four-month relationship with 2PM star Nichkhun.

Tiff and Nick were actually caught by reporters on a date, forcing their respective agencies to come clean about the once-secret couple.

Although they claim to have only been dating for four months, the pair have actually been suspected of dating for well over a year now. It makes you wonder if SM Entertainment purposely made the news public to deflect from Hyoyeon's scandal. (If they did, it worked.)

Anyway, congratulations girls!

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Classic Mixtapes To Get Us Through Summer In Quarantine

Let's revisit some of the great summer mixtapes to help ease the pangs of summertime nostalgia

Bonfires with our friends, balmy summer days spent by the lake passing a spliff and sipping on a Corona, summertime love affairs—it all may feel like a past life now.

The rollout for summer 2020 is unlike anything before it. While Americans everywhere try to retain a sense of normalcy, it will be impossible to enjoy summer the way we want to. Bitter nostalgia for the summers of yore is rampant. Luckily, music has remained the one constant. To help unwind in these times of heightened anxiety, it helps to revisit some of the mixtapes that brought us childhood bliss, that pumped us up when school dismissed for summer, that blasted through our car speakers as we cruised with the windows down with our friends in tow. Here are a few of the greatest mixtapes of summers past, in the hopes it will bring back the fond memories that, right now, may feel distant.

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Last month we showed you TC Chandler's annual independent critics' list of 2013's most beautiful faces, which we were happy to see was filled with some major K-pop divas. Although French beauty Marion Cotillard took the top spot, After School's Nana followed in second place, while Girls' Generation's Taeyeon and miss A's Suzy made the top twenty.

Now the male equivalent --2013's most handsome faces-- is out, and it's pretty much the same deal. Super Junior star Choi Siwon was the highest-ranked K-popper star on the list at No. 7, followed by 2PM's Taecyeon at No. 13, BIGBANG's Taeyang at No. 33, and the hunky Rain at No. 46.

At No. 3 was Ryan Gosling (of course), because no list ranking men on their physical appearance is complete without an appearance from the ridiculously handsome actor. However, it was Michael Fassbender who took out first place, although we're not exactly sure if he made it so high because of his face or for what's down his pants.