Wax Motif and Camden Cox's new single "In My Hands" is a perfect representation of house music blending with strong vocals, creating a track that people both enjoy listening to...and want to hear again.

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Why Did Waka Flocka Flame Just Get an Award From Donald Trump?

The rapper thanked the former president...who wasn't really involved in the award.


Over the weekend, Atlanta-based hip-hop artist Waka Flocka Flame received a lifetime achievement award for his charitable work from former President Donald J. Trump.

But while it's true that the Flockaveli rapper has done a lot to earn praise for his charitable efforts, the suggestion that Donald Trump was personally involved in granting him the award is misleading.

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Hip-Hop legend Snoop Dogg is rap's cool uncle.

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Photo By Liam Goodner | ShutterStock

Before he was a Trump-supporting, Bible-thumping, Drake-hating member of the Kardashian family, Kanye West was a Hip-Hop renaissance man.

The Chicago native worked his way up from being one of Jay-Z's producers to a pop culture icon. Kanye was a breath of fresh air in rap when he released his first single, "Through The Wire," in 2003. Unlike his peers who were perpetuating the usual Hip-Hop stereotypes, Kanye's overconfident yet heartfelt lyrics spoke to a portion of rap fans who were regular people chasing a dream.

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The Rap Community Reacts to Trump's Corona Diagnosis

Hip Hop Chimes in on the President's COVID-19 diagnosis.

Donald Trump

Shutterstock, By Evan El-Amin

On October 2, President Donald Trump tweeted that both he and the first lady Melania Trump had tested positive for COVID-19.

There was an outpouring of good wishes for a speedy recovery from the president's staff and constituencies alike. However, one of the most vocal anti-Trump demographics are having a field day with the news—and that's the Hip-Hop community.

Some of Hip-Hop's premier acts took to social media to voice their opinions (and joy) on the Commander-in-Chief's current health status. Cardi B, who has never bitten her tongue when it comes to her feelings on the Trump Administration, responded to the news via her Twitter account.

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Will Smith Can Take Your "Entanglement" Jokes—But He Will Block You

In an exchange on Instagram regarding his wife Jada Pinkett Smith's prior relationship with August Alsina, Will Smith acknowledged that even trolls can be funny sometimes.

Finally, Jada Is At The Red Table Admitting To An 'Entanglement' With August Alsina!

Will Smith has been the topic of a lot of malicious "comedy" lately, but fortunately he hasn't lost his sense of humor.

Since Will sat down with his wife Jada Pinkett Smith for an installment of her Facebook Watch show Red Table Talk earlier this month, people have been eager to crack jokes about Jada's use of the word "entanglement."

Previously, Jada had denied singer August Alsina's claim that the two had a prior relationship—and that Alsina had gotten Will's approval. But when Will and Jada decided to come clean about the complex nature and history of their marriage—which they have redefined as a life partnership—they did so in dramatic fashion for an audience of millions.

Finally, Jada Is At The Red Table Admitting To An 'Entanglement' With August Alsina!www.youtube.com

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