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WATCH: Candlebox Reflect on 30 Years of Rock

A Conversation with Frontman Kevin Martin

Graham Fielder/Courtesy of the Artist
On Friday, Candlebox released their final studio album The Long Goodbye. It caps 30 years of recording, with rock radio staples like "Far Behind" and "You" still receiving airplay.
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David Shore/Courtesy of the Artist

With hits like "Everything Zen" "Comedown," and "Swallowed," Bush has created some of the most recognizable songs in rock. After three decades, the band hasn't slowed down. With a message that addresses our polarized world and a massive chorus, the recent single "More Than Machines" has already become a fan favorite. Their ninth studio album, The Art of Survival, is out October 7, and they're currently on the road with Alice in Chains and Breaking Benjamin.

Behind it all is frontman Gavin Rossdale. His iconic voice has been imitated by countless young singers, and his style has been admired by those singers (and their girlfriends).

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This Haunts Me: Amanda Bynes as Nickelodeon's "Ask Ashley"

The two public images of Amanda Bynes, that of the early aughts and the face-tattooed version of today, seem irreconcilable.

Amanda Bynes in a Marchesa Resort Dress

By Everett Collection (Shutterstock)

Growing up in the simpler times of the '90s, we had candy commercials featuring anthropomorphic humans, toys that jeopardized children's lives, and Nickelodeon raising latchkey kids to become the well-adjusted millennials who would later invent Instagram.

Alright, so maybe times were tougher than we thought. Maybe we should've seen today's tumultuous issues coming. From the climate crisis and political division to historic economic crisis and coronavirus panic, it's easy to idealize the past, but the '90s were actually bonkers in their own right. For instance, look at Nickelodeon's sketch comedy series for kids, All That.

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Emma Webb releases new EP "Best Friend"

Meet your new bestie Emma Webb, whose debut EP, Best Friend, is a mellow, compassionate diary of memories and feelings.

The British singer-songwriter was inspired by Ed Sheeran's "Castle on the Hill," with his production and aura sparking her imagination for the new release. Webb beautifully explains, "My underlying theme is all about honesty, vulnerability and love. I hope there's a theme of kindness that runs through my music too, because lord knows we could do with more kindness in the world!"

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The Proud Family: Penny Proud Moments Season 1 Part 1

The Nostalgia Guy /

Cree Summer is the undisputed queen of voice acting.

The 51-year-old actor has played many notable live-action roles, like her portrayal of the spiritually liberated Winifred "Freddie" Brooks on A Different World, but it's her voice work on animated films that have kept her extremely busy the last three decades.

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Before Its Time: Rodgers and Hammerstein's 1997 "Cinderella"

Fans are calling for Cinderella to be added to the massive selection of nostalgic '90s movies on Disney+.

Brandy Norwood at the Rolling Stone Awards

By s_bukley (Shutterstock)

Update Feb 4:

It's happening! Millennials everywhere rejoice as Brandy Norwood as Cinderella will join Disney+ on February 12.

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