Ballad singer Kim Dong Ryul has the No. 1 song on this week's Gaon digital chart, with his new single, "How I Am," debuting at the top spot.

SISTAR songstress Soyou follows at No. 2 with her latest boy-girl duet, "The Space Between" featuring Urban Zakapa, pushing Ailee's "Don't Touch Me" down to No. 3.

K-pop princess IU enters the charts at No. 4 with her special Seo Taiji collaboration, "Sogyeokdong.' This gives the 21-year-old the 27th top five entry of her career, easily making her the biggest female force in K-pop today.

After spending two weeks in the top ten, TaeTiSeo's "Holler" tumbles ten spots to No. 17. The song has underperformed compared to the subunit's debut single, "Twinkle," and with the recent news of member Jessica's departure from Girls' Generation, right now isn't exactly the ideal time for the trio to be out promoting with their typically bubbly image.

Further down solo songstress Juniel debuts at No. 26 with "I Think I'm In Love," while BtoB's "You're So Fly" arrives at No. 46.

Check out this week's biggest new K-pop hits below.

No. 1. Kim Dong Ryul - How I Am

No. 3. Ailee - Don't Touch Me

No. 4. IU - Sogyeokdong

No. 26. Juniel - I Think I'm In Love

No. 46. BtoB - You're So Fly

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Gary, who is one half of Korean hip-hop duo LeeSsang, is the big winner on this week's Gaon chart. His first solo single, "Shower Later," easily slides in at No. 1, dethroning last week's chart topper, Ailee's "Singing Got Better," which slips to No. 3. Meanwhile, Gary's other solo single, "ZOTTO MOLO," enters at No. 5, giving the rapper two top five hits.

B1A4 also has a lot to celebrate this week, with their comeback single, "Lonely," debuting at No. 2 -- their highest position yet. Unfortunately, the boy band's currently under suspicion of buying back their own albums so they could secure a first place win on Korea's main music programs over Girl's Day and TVXQ, so the celebration's short lived.

Speaking of Girl's Day and TVXQ, both are still going strong with their respective new singles of the same name, "Something." Girl's Day's at No. 4 this week, while TVXQ's down to No. 8.

A Pink, who are already well on their way to becoming K-pop's next top girl group, have another hit to add to their growing discography with "Good Morning Baby," which debuts at No. 6. Not bad for a random digital single that isn't even being officially promoted!

Rain continues to show some staying power, with his single, "La Song," remaining at No. 10 for another week. Although his comeback album has underperformed compared to his previous ones, he's still doing good by general K-pop standards.

Further down is AOA's "Miniskirt," which slides in at No. 18. It's the group's first top twenty hit and it's still performing well on Korea's various digital charts, so it probably won't be a one-week-wonder like many of Nine Muses songs are.

Rounding out the top twenty is Dal Shabet's "B.B.B. (Big Baby Baby) at No. 20. It's down four places from last week, but this is still pretty good for them.

Check out this week's key K-pop hits, below!

No. 1. Gary - Shower Later

No.2. B1A4 - Lonely

No. 5. Gary - ZOTTO MOLO

No. 6. A Pink - Good Morning Baby

No. 18. AOA - Miniskirt