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The 'Aladdin' Trailer Looks Surprisingly Good

Will Smith's Genie is still super goofy, though.

We didn't have especially high hopes for Disney's live–action 'Aladdin' movie after the initial reveals, but the new trailer might be good enough to turn things around.

ALADDIN Trailer 2 (2019)

Let's be straight; Will Smith still looks silly as the Genie. His head looks grotesque atop a big, blue, CGI body, like a goofed up version of Dr. Manhattan who pretends to know about YouTube. But in Will Smith's defense, living up to a beloved cartoon embodiment of Robin Williams is a very tall order, and it's not his fault Disney decided to splotch his real head on there instead of making the Genie fully CGI.

All that being said, 'Aladdin' looks surprisingly good. The two leads, Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott, are dead ringers for Aladdin and Jasmine. Even more impressive, their singing voices sound ridiculously similar to their original counterparts (at least judging from the tiny clip of 'A Whole New World'). This makes us especially excited for the musical elements of the live-action version, which up until now seemed like a potential bust.

The rest of your favorite 'Aladdin' characters are all here too. Abu looks adorable, Carpet looks like a carpet, but Jafar looks way too handsome. Just look at this guy.

Jafar is supposed to be a gaunt, looming figure, the kind of guy who operates from the shadows. Marwan Kenzari is buff and attractive and not Jafar-esque.

Otherwise, we're looking forward to seeing what comes out of Agrabah next. 'Aladdin' will be in theaters May 24th, but before then you can watch the trailer above or check out this picture of Jafar's six-pack. Creepy.

Dan Kahan is a writer & screenwriter from Brooklyn, usually rocking a man bun. Find more at

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