Bread & Butter, the new single by Alex Kinsey & iLana Armida is out now

Bread & Butter, the new single by Alex Kinsey and iLana Armida, is all about good vibes. The beat is lighthearted and whimsical, the lyrics sexy and nostalgic. It gives the feel that two people had a ton of fun making this track…and they did.
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Alex Kinsey Releases Sultry Debut EP "Party of One"

Alex Kinsey continues his solo career with a soulful and sultry six-track debut EP.

After releasing two edgy singles within the last few months, singer-songwriter Alex Kinsey, best known as one half of the X Factor champions Alex & Sierra, has made the next step in his solo career with the release of his debut EP Party of One.

The singer says the experience of working on a solo project has been enlightening in many ways. "I'm kinda figuring it out as I go, but knowing that when I screw up it's all my fault is something I think about a lot," said Kinsey. "This has been truly fun, though—working as a solo artist. If I like something, I can put it out, and if I don't, I have to...I get to make music I like, and if I like it enough, I can put [it] out for people to listen to, and that's been a fun process."

The EP is a collection of six tracks covering topics like love and past and present relationships, with each song putting Kinsey's soulful, raspy voice on full display. "There isn't necessarily a set story or theme, they're just six of my favorite songs," he shared. "I really liked them, and they're all different, but I think the continuity between all of them is my voice. That's what keeps them tied together."

Kinsey, of course, didn't have to go through the process of making his debut EP alone. "On the music side of things, I'm pretty much writing and producing and creating with my friends and people I've had in my group for a while now." This team includes co-writers iLana Armida, Johan Linbrant, Yei Gonzalez, and Josh Cumbree, who has known Kinsey since his days on X Factor.

For his music videos, Kinsey was able to work with his cousin, director, and producer Bruce Bohman, creating the dynamic visuals for "Simple" and the newly released, steamy video for "Hot Mess." "This EP was worked on by all friends and family. I've been able to keep everything in-house and within my friend group and family and people I genuinely care about, people I want to share my successes with."

After the release of Party of One, Kinsey ultimately hopes to go on tour and experience the adventures that come along with crossing the country and performing for fans. "My short term goal after the release is to go back into the studio to work on more music, but If I could do anything for the rest of my life I would wake up in a new city every day and play...To go to sleep in one place and wake up in another one that you've probably never been to before and meet new people who are excited to be where they are—I don't know, there's just something magical about touring."

Be sure to check out Alex Kinsey's debut EP Party of One and his latest music video "Hot Mess" below.

Party of One

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