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I'm So Excited to Meet the Aliens

The aliens are "up to something," according to US politicians and the upcoming Pentagon report

Need me an ET in my life

Next up in our hellish timeline: Aliens are coming. In fact, it seems like they're already here … so what are they waiting for? Take us away already, we hate it here!

The most highly anticipated drops of the summer are as follows: herd immunity, more Lorde music, and the Pentagon UFO report. Though an early version of the report was already released, the full Pentagon-approved tea on aliens is set for official publication on June 25th 2021.

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We Know for a Fact That UFOs Exist — But What Are They?

UFOs or UAPs have been observed for decades without a clear explanation. Will we finally get one next month?

On Sunday night, an episode of 60 Minutes aired that has since brought an old debate back to light.

Multiple former Navy pilots and the one-time head of the Pentagon's since-abandoned Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) appeared on the show to share accounts of their personal encounters and their broader thoughts on apparent flying objects that seem to defy our understanding of the physics of aerospace.

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An Open Letter to the Aliens: Please Help Us

Humans have failed; is it time for alien saviors to descend?

Dear Aliens,

The Pentagon finally revealed what many of us already suspected: that you exist and you've been orbiting our planet for many years. Who knows how many civilian reports of your passage through our cosmos have been real, only to be written off as hallucinations by the close-minded?

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Aliens - Star Trek


The signs are everywhere, and we just keep on missing them.

An 87-year-old former space security chief has come forward with a statement about aliens being real. Professor Haim Eshed isn't just any aspiring prophet — he served as the head of the Israeli space security program for over 30 years, and thrice received Israel's Security Award.

According to Eshed, there is a coalition of aliens known as the Galactic Federation, who have traveled to our solar system to conduct experiments and to understand the "fabric of the universe," in his words. Eshed also said that the aliens worked with the United States of America to establish an underground base on Mars.

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The Monolith In Utah

New York Post

2020 just keeps getting weirder.

The latest incident began when a group of officers from the Utah Department of Public Safety's Aero Bureau spotted something strange. The group was flying over rural Utah and counting bighorn sheep when they noticed a gleaming, alien-looking entity in the middle of nowhere.

"One of the biologists...spotted it, and we just happened to fly directly over the top of it," said pilot Bret Hutchings. "He was like, 'Whoa, whoa, whoa, turn around, turn around!' And I was like, 'What.' And he's like, 'There's this thing back there—we've got to go look at it!"

The "thing" was a metallic, prism-shaped monolith, standing about 12 feet high and reflecting the desert sun.

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On TikTok's Whitewashed New Age Aliens: Confessions of a Starseed

A Starseed "cult" leader went viral on TikTok....but the true history of Starseeds is far weirder and includes fringe futurists, multi-dimensional transmissions in Folsom Prison, and ancient aliens who look like the Virgin Mary.

"I'm a starseed," begins a TikTok by Unicole Unicron, which went viral in August.

The self-proclaimed "pop star cult leader" (who uses the pronouns xe/xir) characterizes starseeds as alien consciousnesses born into human bodies.

@unicoleunicron what is it like to be a starseed?
♬ join unicult - Unicole Unicron

Unicole Unicron goes on to say that starseeds are smart, psychic, lonely types who often have mental illnesses. This definition is in line with those who join Facebook groups like "Newly Awakened Starseeds, Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children" or "Galactic Federation Of Starseeds And Lightworkers" or read Gaia articles that say heady things like, "Starseeds are traveling souls from other planets who incarnated on Earth to inspire and heal human beings, and to participate in the planet's evolution."

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