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Richmond, Virginia's Frames, AKA Sarah Phung, reveals the audio video for "Hell," a track from her debut EP, Cursed, via Know Hope Records/The Orchard Music.

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Pink Elefants

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Pop trio the Pink Elefants reveal the music video for "Blame on Me," a song about pointing the finger at your partner when the relationship unravels.

Although their music tilts toward pop, the Pink Elefants throw in alt-rock and R&B flavors, resulting in a sound vaguely reminiscent of Twenty One Pilots and The Weeknd, full of swirling synths, a captivating beat, and silky smooth falsettos. "Blame on Me" is memorable and seductive.

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Carmanah Releases“Best Interests”

The steady beat of the West Coast.


Photo: Dani Cyr

Vancouver Island-based Carmanah release their latest single/music video, entitled "Best Interests."

Carmanah's sound, called "West Coast Soul" by producer Gus Van Go, amalgamates roots, alt-rock, and blues. Vocalist Laura Mina Mitic's lustrous tones give the lyrics a polished sound: "We will run / We'll be ocean bound / In the night / I've got your best interests in mind."

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Soraia Wild Woman - SoraiaRocks


Philly alt-rock outfit Soraia introduces the music video for "Wild Woman," a track from their latest album, Dig Your Roots, via Orchard Music/Wicked Cool Records.

Front woman ZouZou Mansour says, "The whole concept of this video is centered around how many times we fall down - or get knocked down - in life. We can use these experiences to empower us, and ultimately, make us more free." Reminiscent of Patti Smith and Joan Jett, Mansour's heavy-duty voice rises above rough and ready guitars, yielding an empowering '90s-flavored rock anthem.

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Belle and The Dragon Premiere New Single: “Trees”

Some positive energy to boost your spirits.

Belle and The Dragon introduce the music video for "Trees," a track from their debut album, Birthrights.

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PREMIERE: Seven Spies Release “Chameleon”

Rasping guitars, a potent melody and towering harmonies.

Seven Spies - Chameleon (Official Video)

UK alt-rock outfit Seven Spies present their debut single, entitled "Chameleon," a track narrating the burdens of life.

One of the band's members, David Blomiley, shares, "The subject of the songs seems to be stuff that has been bubbling away inside of me for a while that I need to get out. I find song writing massively therapeutic in a way."

Made up of David Blomiley (vocals, guitar, piano), Olly Brown (drums, backing vocals), and alternating bassists, "Chameleon" features heavy guitar riffs and an infectious rhythm. Piano adds sparkling accents, as Blomiley's voice infuses the lyrics with feeling.

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