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The 6 Best Spring Break Movies

No, Spring Breakers is not on this list...

American Pie

Unless you're one of the many a**holes that traveled down to Florida in order to celebrate spring, chances are your Spring Break this year is going to be a lot tamer than in years past.

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Delta Boots Tara Reid From Flight

A case of "customer disturbance" was cited

Another day, another Tara Reid ruckus.

Over the years, the American Pie actress and more recently, Sharknado star has found herself in a number of embarrassing, often concerning situations. From her 2004 "wardrobe malfunction" where she turned the red carpet into a peep show, to an interview just a few months ago where Reid's slurred speech was front and center, the D-list actress never lets the tabloids down.

Here we are, back again with another 'hot mess' moment from Reid, this time aboard a flight bound for the Big Apple. On Monday, Reid was set to travel from Los Angeles to NYC via Delta Air Lines (with her dog, no less), but before the plane could take off, Reid was taken off the flight.

Little detail has emerged as to why the 42-year-old was booted. For now, all Delta claims is " customer disturbance." Per a statement from a Delta spokesperson, "Delta flight 613 from Los Angeles to New York JFK-International returned to the gate, prior to takeoff, due to a customer disturbance on board." The flight finally took off once Reid was removed and was only slightly delayed.

Tara Reid Removed from United Flight After Flying Into Rage | TMZ

As they always manage to do, TMZ obtained video footage of the incident. A Delta flight attendant speaks to Reid prior to her "escort" off the aircraft. With her dog in tow, Reid got off the plane while the remaining passengers sat and stared at the scene.

As per People, "A rep for the actress did not have a comment," but TMZ collected some info from sources at the scene. TMZ reports Reid flew into a rage, was "pissed and loudly complained about being given the wrong seat and (about) not getting a pillow." Yahoo adds, "(Reid) was also reportedly upset that the passenger in front of her had a reclined seat."

No police intervention was required to remove Reid from the Delta flight and she took a later flight to NYC the same day, evidently without incident.

While Delta may not be a fan of Reid's, at least she has Linda Hogan (ex-wife of Hulk Hogan) on her side.

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Montel Williams Suffered a Stroke

CBS This Morning Has a New Co-Host!

Taylor Swift Gets Political


10 Most Iconic First-Time Scenes in Movies and TV

Because you never forget your first time...or Rory Gilmore's.

While it's probably true that you never forget your first time, you wouldn't be alone if your own first time were less, erm, climactic than some of our favorite truly unforgettable virginity loss scenes from movies and TV. Romantic or disastrous, there's a first time for everyone.

American Pie


For a movie otherwise filled with teen male horniness, the scene when longtime couple Vicky (Tara Reid) and Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas) lose their virginity to each other is surprisingly genuine. No buffoonery, no apple pies...just love (and a little bit of discomfort).

Gilmore Girls


In a controversial moment, golden girl Rory gives in to her feelings for Dean (who is still married to Lindsay!!), her first love, despite circumstances. Whether you're Team Dean or Team Jesse, this scene is an iconic one.



Okay, so Cher ends up not losing her virginity to Christian the night she planned to, but this one still counts and YOU CAN'T TELL ME OTHERWISE. Like any naive teen girl, Cher is so wrapped up in the glamour of the event (lights! camera! no action.) that she forgets about the actual...relationship (or lack thereof).

Gossip Girl


If you were a teen girl when Queen B lost her V in 2007, the back-of-limo tryst with bad boy Chuck Bass was about the sexiest thing you had ever seen. It came on the heels of a painful breakup with picture-perfect Nate, but this moment of passion sparked a 7-season long romance.

But I'm a Cheerleader


Cheerleader Megan (Natasha Lyonne) has barely figured out why she never liked kissing her boyfriend when this sex scene with Graham (Clea DuVall)—honestly the most romantic on this list—seals the deal.



Alike (Adepero Oduye) is thrilled to have her first time with her close friend and huge crush Bina (Aasha Davis)—but in a painfully relatable moment, the next morning Bina acts coldly and wants to pretend it never happened. Alike is crushed, and we feel for her sense of confusion and abandonment.

The To-Do List


In a very contemporary twist on the 90s teen sex comedy, Brandy (Aubrey Plaza) eschews waiting for "the one" and sets about gaining sexual experience with missionary (ahem) focus. We can respect that—she's a sexually autonomous young woman doing what she wants, when she wants. Get it, girl.

That 70s Show


After a season and a half of will-they-or-won't-they, Donna and Eric finally decide to go for it. Donna, realizing how much she loves Eric, has decided she's ready. Simple and sweet.



In a parallel episode aptly called "The First Time," both Rachel and Kurt lose their virginities to Finn and Blaine, respectively. The pressure to understand "sexuality" is their initial motivation, but by the episode's end, each couple does it for a more emotionally substantial reason—simply, their feelings for each other.



Shoshanna, the "least virginy virgin ever," had tried to lose her virginity before, but had been turned down due stigma, or whatever. When she told Ray, however, he was cool about it, and the sex they had was only minimally awkward by "Girls" standards.

American Pie star Jason Biggs has much more compassion for Orca whales then he does for apple pies!

Using his signature tongue in cheek humor, the 36 year-old blows the lid on SeaWorld —revealing it is a far more sinister place than the family-friendly commercials would have us believe in a provocative new PETA video that covers forced masturbation, tiny tanks, and incest.

What might happen if Biggs ever shot a SeaWorld commercial?

We find out, as this PETA clip kicks off with Biggs trying to shoot an advert for the notorious amusement park, but begins to have trouble sticking to the script.

"Maybe [visitors will] get lucky—see one of the trainers get their legs ripped off," he says.

After a few dozen takes, Biggs leaves the "SeaWorld" set and heads to a PETA and finds himself cramped into a tiny kiddie pool.  The audience get a sense of the claustrophobic life these intelligent mammals are forced to endure…all in the name of "family fun."

The Orange is the New Black star has been vocal about his disdain for the theme park ever since he saw the hit documentary Blackfish, which reveals how inhumanely SeaWorld treats these majestic creatures, especially the babies.

Biggs also objects to the way Orcas have their sperm collected and used to impregnate their own daughters and sisters.

Fortunately Hollywood is taking notice: Tommy Lee, Bob Barker, Eli Roth, Cloris Leachman, No Doubt's Tony Kanal, Joan Jett, Alec Baldwin, and Kathy Najimy have all teamed up with PETA to end this atrocity.

Watch the video below and learn how you can lend your support here

On March 14th (aka 3.14), Pi (aka 3.14...) Day is celebrated the world 'round. Last year, we honored the mathematical constant pi by giving you a mathy pop playlist. This year, we thought we'd do things a little differently.

Inspired by this drawing...

...we've decided to make you a PIE playlist.

This playlist (any playlist?) is best enjoyed whilst consuming pie.

1. Don Mclean - "American Pie"

2. Warrant - "Cherry Pie"

3. The Beatles - "Honey Pie"

4. The Beatles - "Wild Honey Pie"

5. Paul McCartney - "Flaming Pie"

Paul McCartney - Flaming Pie: The Song We Were Singing

6. Led Zeppelin - "Custard Pie"

Custard Pie

7. Destiny's Child - "Apple Pie a la Mode"

8. The Strawbs - "Lemon Pie"

9. Joan Baez - "Where's My Apple Pie?"

10. Bob Dylan - "Country Pie" (Here covered by Beck.)

11. The Four Clefs - "I Like Pie, I Like Cake"

12. Four Tops - "I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)"

13. D'Angelo - "Devil's Pie"

14. James Taylor - "Sweet Potato Pie"

15. Frank Sinatra (et al) - "High Hopes"

Frank Sinatra -- High Hopes

High apple- pie-in-the-sky hopes, to be specific.

Happy Pi(e) Day!