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Amy Coney Barrett Isn't a "Handmaid's Tale" Character—She's Worse

If The Handmaid's Tale teaches us one thing, it's that even seemingly powerful societies can and will collapse if certain fringe groups take enough power and bend enough public opinion to their will.

Amy Coney Barrett

Amidst the political chaos of the past few weeks—the unveiling of Trump's unpaid tax returns, a disastrous debate, Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis, and so many other issues—Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court nomination has received little significant blowback for such a significant event.

Following Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death, many feared the worst and felt a sense of hopelessness. Ginsburg was long a pillar of women's rights and liberty and justice for all.

Amy Coney Barrett is a staunch pro-life conservative, a member of a fringe religious group known as the People of Praise, and a former student of Antonin Scalia. Her appointment is also a specific and purposeful attack on Ginsburg's legacy. In 2018, Trump considered picking Barrett but allegedly said "I'm saving her for Ginsburg," according to an Axios report. Barrett received word of her nomination three days after Ginsburg's death.

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Culture Feature

Netflix Has Just Been Indicted in the "Cuties" Culture War

A Texas grand jury has ruled in favor of charging Netflix with "promotion of lewd visual material depicting children"

On Tuesday it was announced that a grand jury in Tyler County, Texas had voted to indict Netflix Inc. for its promotion of the controversial French coming-of-age film Cuties.

While the film was critically acclaimed, receiving praise in France, as well as at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, where it received the World Cinema Directing Award, it recently became the subject of a scandal when a poster promoting the film's Netflix release was called out for sexualizing the film's young stars.

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