The Girls are Girling. The Mothers are Mothering.

Zendaya, Priyanka, Anne — oh my!

Anne Hathaway, Priyanka Chopra-Jonas, Zendaya

via Shutterstock: Anne Hathaway by Anthony Harvey; Priyanka Chopra by Kathy Hutchins; Zendaya by DFree

At the Bulgari jewelry show in Venice, Italy on Tuesday, May 16, 2023, nobody was looking at the accessories. After all, what good are jewels when the girls are the girling?

All eyes were on the parade of party guests, pulling out all the stops in custom designer gowns. I don’t know what it was about this jewelry launch, but the crowd of celeb guests was dressed to the nines. Some of these looks rivaled the Met Gala 2023 looks — which is why they instantly went viral.

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Last week, the fashion world was taken by surprise as Law Roach noisily retired from styling. The famed stylist is known for saving the fashion careers of many celebrities, pulling them out of tone-deaf, trendless outfits and into the world of serving absolute looks. If you’ve loved what a celeb is wearing, Law Roach probably styled them.

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Mother Mary Cast

Anne Hathaway by Anthony Harvey/Shutterstock & Michaela Coel By Fred Duval/Shutterstock

There are some things you know instinctively: when to avoid an empty subway car, when to cut a toxic person right out of your life, and when you’ve decided to adopt a movie as your entire personality before you’ve even seen it.

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Anne Hathaway looks like she hasn’t aged a day since Princess Diaries. We all know her, we all love her. And she’s back and better than ever.

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Film Lists

9 Beloved Childhood Movies (That Permanently Traumatized Us)

What were these scenes even doing in kids' movies?

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)

Do you remember the first time a sad scene in a movie left you sobbing? Or the first time a scary movie kept you up all night?

When you're a kid, your mind is still so malleable, and you haven't built up that callous that keeps movies at a distance. You might even wish — while you're watching the latest Conjuring movie — that you could get back to that credulous mindset that makes the horrors onscreen come alive in the dark corners of the room.

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KPop Bus

Hiu Yan Chelsia-Choi (Unsplash)

Even though I was born in Seoul, South Korea, I don't consider myself to be a "Seoul girl." What is a "Seoul girl," you ask? I dunno, ask Rebel Wilson.

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