Annika Grace Asks If There's "Anybody Out There"

Looking for emotional skin-on-skin in a digital world.

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Meet Annika Grace, singer-songwriter and poet, who premieres "Anybody Out There" on Popdust today.

"Anybody Out There" reveals a desire for genuine human connection in a digital world, where everything is mediated by apps.

"In our society today, we are so consumed with fame, wealth, and popularity. We rely on our social media followers to let us know how loved we are. We swipe right, not to find a decent human being we could possibly see ourselves with, but instead whoever is the hottest. I wrote this song in hopes others would relate and understand that even if the world does one thing, you do not have to play follow the leader," explains Annika Grace.

Annika Grace - Anybody Out There

Splitting time between Los Angeles and New York City, Grace uses her poetry and music like a diary, recording her deepest thoughts and emotions. And she excels at it: recently taking a First Place Gold Medal in the World Poetry Movement's Best Poets and Poems, along with another Gold Medal in the International Who's Who in poetry contest.

So far, her prolific output includes an EP, Glass Town, six singles and a bunch of music videos, as well as a forthcoming book of poetry, The Shallow End.

"Anybody Out There" opens on a throbbing beat backed by emerging synths flowing into a gorgeous electro-pop melody. Grace's evocative voice infuses the lyrics with her deep need for intimacy, as if trying to fan the dying embers of a small delightful spark of life, almost forgotten.

"Is there anybody out there / Anybody out there / Besides me."

With "Anybody Out There," Annika Grace serves up an elegantly articulate cry for human relationships, someone she can touch, physically as well as emotionally.

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