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Use of Deepfake Anthony Bourdain Voice in New Documentary Sparks Outrage—But Is it Immoral?

What autonomy should artists and beloved cultural figures have over their legacy after they pass?

TV personality, writer, and entrepreneur Anthony Bourdain

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If Anthony Bourdain wanted to be anything, it was to be genuine.

All you have to do is watch a few minutes of the famous chef onscreen to recognize that a desire for authenticity was at the core of his life, a quality reflected in every interaction he had and every painstakingly written voiceover he uttered. Of course, the always wry chef never would have used that word, though in an NPR interview he once described his favorite kind of restaurant as just that, saying, "It's, for lack of a better word - I hate this word, but I'll use it anyway - authentic."

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Anthony Bourdain's 5 Best Moments

The late, great Anthony Bourdain would have been 65 today.

Anthony Bourdain

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The late, great Anthony Bourdain would have been 65 today.

The smooth-tongued TV culinary master, unfortunately, took his own life back in 2018, but he left behind a legacy full of great moments, both with the food he ate and with the people he charmed along the way. The best way to pay tribute to such a brave explorer is to revisit the moments that only Anthony Bourdain could capture. Whether it be stressing over what to order at Waffle House, or gorging on a hot bowl of noodles with a former president, Bourdain succeeded in leading a life unlike anyone else's. Here are some of his best moments from over the years.

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