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"The Chronic" Ruined Dr. Dre's Life

The album debuted on streaming services today in honor of 4/20

Dr. Dre's debut album, The Chronic–which surprised fans around the world when it unexpectedly popped up on streaming services today in honor of 4/20–undoubtedly revolutionized Hip-Hop.

For many (white) suburbanites it debuted a brighter, more effervescent Hip-Hop than its grimy East Coast counterparts. Focused on melodic builds, catchy hooks, and so much swagger, G-Funk was born on December 15, 1992. By now, there are plenty of articles detailing the specifics of what made the project so magical. It transformed the way the world viewed Hip-Hop and is arguably the single most important release in the entire genre for a multitude of reasons. But in hindsight, it's behind-the-scenes mythos is almost as infamous as the project itself, and the overall experience was forged by Dre partially in the hopes of rewriting a stressful and troubling personal history. Since its release, it's brought as much harm to him as it has good.

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Kanye West's Presidential Run Is Great News for Donald Trump

"Better late than never" may not apply in this case...

On Saturday, in a strange celebration of Independence Day, rapper, producer, and sneaker mogul Kanye West announced his intention to run for president in 2020.

As in, this year. Right now.

The announcement quickly prompeted messages of support from Kanye's wife, prison reform advocate Kim Kardashian West, as well as from billionaire weirdo/Grimes baby daddy Elon Musk.

Of course, this news comes well past the filing deadline for independent candidates in several major states—which means that unless a political party randomly decides to nominate him, Kanye's name won't appear on those ballots. As deadlines in other states approach—with little apparent effort to gather the petition signatures required—Kanye is officially joining the long, proud history of vanity presidential campaigns. Unfortunately, that's a lot more dangerous than it sounds.

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While Chixtape 5 is still fresh on the charts, Tory Lanez returns with a new single "Broke In a Minute."

The track, seemingly off the recently confirmed New Toronto 3, finds Tory in a similarly ignorant mindset, as displayed on last week's Brooklyn Drill inspired "K LO K." Gone is the R&B crooning of Chixtape, in its stead is a Lanez settling into his new found fame. After two massive joint tour's with Chris Brown and Drake over the summer, and a powerful response to Chixtape 5 Chixtape 5, Tory seems to be merely flexing on us. "Bands in my hand look pretty, hit another band on the Gram, I'm litty," He raps on "Broke In a Minute."

As Lanez gears up for his next chapter, it's clear he's back on his bullsh*t, but his habit of mimicry is starting to grow old, and while his interpretation of Brooklyn Drill is more or less convincing, it still feels rather vanilla when compared to the prowess of Pop Smoke or Fivio Foreign, the latter of which is featured on "K LO K" and overshadows the "Beauty and The Benz" polymath almost immediately. The question of Tory's artistic identity is growing farther out of reach; but simultaneously, his iconic success has been a long time coming, and that deserves celebration.

‎Broke In A Minute - Single by Tory Lanez

‎Broke In A Minute - Single by Tory Lanez

‎Album · 2020 · 1 Song