A Robot Has A Record Deal: How Artificial Intelligence Could Save Music

Warner music group just signed a deal for 20 records made by an algorithm.

FACT Magazine

Despite movies like The Matrix trying to warn us against the dangers of artificial intelligence, it appears humankind is walking eyes-wide-open into an AI induced apocalypse.

Look around, signs that malevolent technology is already among us are everywhere. Deep down, you know Siri resents you, you can hear it in her tone when you ask her to place your saved Domino's order. Your smart TV didn't glitch; it deleted your taped episodes of The Bachelor out of spite. Alexa didn't mishear you, she's just tired of your shit.

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Is Artificial Intelligence Saving or Destroying Music?

AI can now write and record songs incredibly well. But is there something about music that is distinctly human, something that an AI cannot replicate?

What makes great music great? Is it technical mastery, emotional payoff, or some other inexplicable x factor, something that could never be replicated by an algorithm?

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