As Popdust previously reported, Aubrey O'Day is currently ensconced in the UK Celebrity Big Brother house.

She's merrily getting on with playing the games on the show, completely unaware that her boyfriend (and she thought future husband), Pauly D has taken her absence as an opportunity to end their 9 month relationship in the most cowardly way possible—by announcing it to the world before he's actually told her.

Blissfully ignorant, the housemates have been performing a task over the last couple of days that has caused uproar, not only among themselves, but has also seen viewers and critics opinions divided. The perfect task!

Called Artificials, the task sees half the housemates dressed up as robots and instructed to obey every order and request given to them by the 'humans' (and we use that term very loosely with this lot). The humans are not allowed to do anything for themselves, from making a cup of tea to putting on make-up, and some of the characters in the house have taken the opportunity to push things a bit too far....with hilarious, but disgusting consequences.

First some context...

One of the humans, named Heavy D is an emotionally stunted child in a giant man's body. Early on he set his sights on one of the young sexy girls named Chloe Khan—seemingly unaware of what the viewers were screaming at the top of their lungs at their TV screens—that he was punching well and truly above his weight.

Take a look at them below and tell us if you think we're being harsh...

Do you see it happening?

Clearly he reckoned he stood a chance and that all he needed to do was yell his catchphrase 'Boom' a few times and she would fall into his arms. He had a conversation with her on the first night and asked if she was single—to which she replied that she was. Somehow, Heavy (remember we said emotionally stunted?) took this to be a sign that she was up for some romancing of the heavy kind.....

At some point in the next couple of days (they all merge into one after a bit) he overheard her talking about a guy she'd been seeing for a while. Well! That was it, he called her on her 'lie' and took it as a total rejection of him and the 'relationship' he'd built up in his head. She was completely bewildered and he's been gunning for her ever since—and what better way to get his own back than a task where he is a human and she is an Artificial, there to serve him.

Heavy has taken full advantage, and had poor Chloe running around doing his bidding. She responded with good grace, until he took it a step too far and demeaned her by insisting she hand-wash all his underwear, "skid marks and all". He ordered her to do this several times and took great pleasure in humiliating her in front of the rest of the group, mentioning his 'shit stains' more than once.

Chloe smiled sweetly and dunked his disgusting undies in a bucket.....but only after she had filled his shoes with water and made his bed, with a surprise of chilli powder, sun cream, condoms and lipstick covered tampons between the sheets to greet him! Nice one Chloe!

Needless to say, Heavy D did not see the funny side and could not comprehend why she would feel the need to do it. He thought it was ok to degrade her because it was all "part of the game".


Moving onto Aubrey O'Day......

Aubrey was an Artificial (quite fitting some might say), and as anyone who has seen Aubrey in anything before, she was NOT born to serve.

One of the human housemates also enjoying the task a bit too much was 26 year old Stephen Bear (known as 'Bear'), who has been the object of Renee Graziano's cougar attention (it was cringe TV watching her trying desperately to get him to kiss her the other night).

Bear had the Artificials running around after him all day (he'd even put one of them, Lewis Bloor, his competition for Alpha Male in the house, on timeout for 2 HOURS) and Aubrey had obviously decided enough was enough when he asked her to make him a sandwich and cup of tea.

'Yes of course' replied Aubrey. She went into the kitchen and obediently made his snack—adding a little ingredient of her own....saliva!

Yep that's right, she spat in both the sandwich and the cup of tea, before serving it to him and watching him enjoy.



The only reason her act came to light was because she was called into the Diary Room and given a formal warning by Big Brother for 'giving another housemate her bodily fluids without their knowledge'. Big Bro also called Bear in and told him what had happened before giving him 'appropriate medical advice'.

Scroll down for video of Aubrey O'Day spitting in Bear's snack...

WTF? Seriously? What medical advice would he need from sharing as much saliva as if they'd shared a kiss? As Bear himself said, it might be disgusting, but he's had a lot worse in his mouth! (And up his ass judging by these pics)

Audrey (as Bear insisted on keep calling her), was forced to apologize with as much sincerity as she could muster, saying she was tired and had put up with his shit all day and she thought it was just banter.

Bear accepted her apology in his bravado, swaggering lad way saying he "wasn't bothered", and then spent the rest of the evening behaving in the exact opposite manner. He was bothered.

What REALLY pissed him off though, was Renee. The Mob Wife had given him her Godfather like assurance that he was to 'trust her' and that she would 'always have his back'. When he asked her about the spit sandwich, she didn't realize he already knew and totally lied to his face, quite clearly having Aubrey's back over his.

When Bear told her she was lying, she went all mafiosa on him; "Don't call me a liar, ever" . Errr, but you WERE lying Renee! She soon realized she'd been busted and tried to hug her way out of it, but she's blown her chance there.

Social media was in #Spitgate uproar, mainly about the fact that Big Brother let Bear eat the sandwich and drink the tea when they have eyes on the housemates 24/7 so will have known what Aubrey did!

Now whilst spitting in someone's food is not normal socially acceptable behavior and not something we would usually condone, we think Aubrey (and Chloe) deserves a medal for retaliating.

Both Heavy D and Bear are hideous, loud, vile human beings and sometimes actions speak louder than words—the men enjoy physically intimidating everyone and they needed putting in their place. These ladies both gave them EXACTLY what they had coming to them!

What do you think?


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Pauly D Dumps Aubrey O'Day—While She's In The Big Brother House!

She's on lockdown and is the only person who doesn't know...

Of all the ways to be dumped it's gotta be the worst!

TMZ are reporting that Jersey Shore's DJ Pauly D has ended his relationship with girlfriend of nine months, double platinum (as she always reminds us) singer Aubrey O'Day.

There's a slight technical hitch though, as Aubrey is currently on lockdown in the Celebrity Big Brother house in the UK and so is totally unaware that she is single again!


The reality couple met on the E! show Famously Single which is currently on our screens, and viewers are watching their relationship develop—it's plain for all to see that while Pauly is attracted to Aubrey, she wants to race into a fully committed serious relationship at a pace that is waaaaayyyy too fast for him (and too fast for most people to be fair).

The pair, who have documented every step of their partnership on social media, broke up briefly due to "the pressure of building a relationship in the public eye" (err well don't share everything then), but fought their way back together.

Check out this recent TMZ clip of them where Aubrey, true to form, is push push push. Now maybe Pauly was saying different things to her in private, but he has always seemed a tad uncomfortable and squirmy when Aubrey talks about their relationship...

Still, it seemed all was going well, and when O'Day set off to the UK to appear in CBB her post on Instagram was most definitely not far as she is concerned, they are very much together...

It now seems that no sooner had she left the Jersey Shores, that 36 year old Pauly has been telling pals the relationship is over. And even more, he has deleted all evidence of her from his Instagram.


It's actually a pretty shitty thing to do, and clearly Aubrey has no idea she has been dumped. When she entered the house, she immediately made it clear to all the fit young guys in there that she had a boyfriend and was off limits.

The show is only five days in and right now Aubrey is playing it all zen and calm. Now as anyone who has seen her on previous shows and undoubtedly Big Brother is well aware, she has the potential to go full on cray-cray. As this is presumably why she was booked for the show, it is entirely possible that at some point pretty soon, Big Bro will engineer a situation (maybe with a 'letters from home' task) so that she finds out she's been jilted.

Expect fireworks when that happens—and if she wants a little revenge action, she can take her pick of these fine specimens...

Lewis Bloor

Stephen Bear

Ricky Norwood

Grant Bovey

Heavy D

Christopher Biggins

Pauly D and Aubrey O'Day split;

Yesterday some footage of a scrapped Danity Kane reality show leaked online which revealed that tension in the now defunct girl group dated back long before Dawn Richard and Aubrey O'Day's fist fight.

Well, as it turns out, the entire reality show was fake.

Both Dawn and Aundrea Fimbres took to social media to clarify that the arguing seen in the leaked footage was all staged so that the group could try and land a reality series with the E! network last year.

Dawn wrote on Instagram, "Actually,this was staged and sent as a pilot and we never got a show because TV shows could read through the *fake fight* me and Aubrey had to have to do it. The bigger question is how for all of a sudden everyone have this footage. This is so sad."

"I was there during the taping of a pilot for E!, which was not picked up," Aundrea later wrote on Twitter. "The pilot was completely staged."

Bad decision, E! network. If you guys had just stuck it out a little longer, you would've got some real drama to air.

[Via Toyaz World]

Stand By UK! Aubrey O'Day Rumored For Celebrity Big Brother Appearance

The UK Celebrity Big Brother has a history of bringing in US stars to mix things up among the British celebrities.

Remember the hideousness that was Perez Hilton in his full despicable, self centered glory? Remember Farrah Abraham and Jenna Jameson and their vomit inducing simulated sex?

Well the latest US celebrity ready to make the flight across the pond is said to be serial reality star Aubrey O'Day.

O'Day first sprung into our consciousness on the MTV show Making The Band as part of the group Danity Kane. Feisty Aubrey then branched out as a solo artist after clashing with her both her bandmates and their mentor on the show P Diddy.


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She has gone on to be a reality show stalwart, first appearing in her self titled show All About Aubrey which ran for just one season. She appeared in the Celebrity Apprentice 5 where viewers and the media alike called her "narcissistic, self-centered, evil, and vicious". She fell foul of both the other contestants and Trump's sidekicks who called her "transparent".

More recently she put her relationship with former boyband, NLT frontman Travis Garland under the spotlight when they appeared on Marriage Boot Camp: The Reality Stars. Their toxic dynamic made for open-mouthed viewing, but ultimately the pairing didn't last and they split last summer.

O'Day is currently appearing on Famously Single where she has fallen for Geordie Shore DJ, Pauly D. Exhibiting utterly scary, full scale cling-on behavior, she is intimidating Pauly into not participating in any of the exercises and to declare his undying devotion and love to her. Believe me if Pauly was watching a friend in the same situation he would be screaming RUN AWAY at the top of his lungs.

So imagine the fun that this 32 year old drama queen could bring to the Big Brother House?

Stay tuned!

This week, Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars once again began with our resident train wreck couple, Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett.

Hank had finally admitted to Jim Carroll exactly what happened with the whole cheating scandal, but naturally it was all said behind closed doors and we, along with Kendra, were left in the dark. This shit is getting old, Hank!

“The truth will set y’all free,” Elizabeth Carroll told them. “And I want to make sure that you, Kendra, have heard every dirty detail that has been out there in the public. Hank, I want to hold you accountable.”

Hank revealed that the main reason he’s afraid to tell Kendra what happened, leading us to believe that something potentially marriage ending did in fact happen.

“The hardest thing about telling you the full truth is that I honestly feel like you’re going to leave me,” he admitted.

Kendra wanted to know the truth from Hank but she also expressed concern about wanting to protect him from the outside world and protect any legal action that they are going to take regarding the alleged affair. Hank said he needed to get answers from his lawyer before he told the world the truth about what happened. How convenient. Somebody hit the snooze button.

The first exercise that the couples had was to appear before the Divorce Court judge herself, Judge Lynn Toler. Be afraid, be very afraid.

All the couples discussed their same old problems, and it wasn’t until Aubrey O’Day and her boyfriend Travis stepped forward that things got interesting.

Travis went on and on about how flirty and slutty Aubrey can be, and Judge Toler had had enough. She called Travis out on his constant criticism of his girlfriend and finally Aubrey came right out and said that she doesn’t think Travis is the right person for her.

“She’s hurt and she’s vulnerable,” Judge Toler said. “The person that you love shouldn’t be the one person in your life that you make feel horrible. Be a better person!”

Later when some of the couples were sitting at the table eating, Tami Roman thought is was time to call Kendra and Hank out on their lack of sharing.

“Kendra, the story is out. The information is out,” Tami said. “There’s no need to be sensitive, it’s just a desire to get the information. The question is was there transgender involvement? Because you know I would be okay with that, honey.”

“Excuse me, be very careful what the fuck you say to him right now! Stop fucking judging him!” Kendra yelled.

“I would advise that you rethink that because I’m not that bitch that you do that to!” Tami replied.

Uh oh.

Kendra’s feisty, but Tami would take her down hard if it came to hand to hand combat!

At that point, Hank and Reggie had to physically separate the two women so round one was a draw.


What do you think about this season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars so far? Sound off in comments and check back in with Popdust every Friday to get your weekly fix.

This week on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, the couples started off with the most perfect exercise in the world for them, called “It’s not me, it’s you.”

This is going to be so fucking good.

Not surprisingly, Aubrey O’Day and her boyfriend Travis both find this drill hilariously appropriate for them.

“Me an’ Aubrey got this,” Travis said. “I could sit here all day and point out flaws about my girl and she could sit here all day and point out flaws about me.” #RelationshipGoals

It didn’t take long for them to rip into each other over what they hate about one another, basically boiling down to the fact that Aubrey is a crazy lunatic who doesn’t respect Travis in the least.

Up next is our favorite dysfunctional couple Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson. They both come up with bullshit issues like Hank wanting to be too perfect and Kendra not accepting love. Umm, these are not the issues we’re tuning in to hear about you guys!

Even therapists Jim and Elizabeth are annoyed with their reluctance to open up about the cheating scandal and begin to devise a plan of attack.

After the first exercise Travis and Aubrey were both still revved up and clearly not done discussing what they hate about each other, and Aubrey goes after Travis for being a dick to her best friend.

“I’ve in the past said some unkind things about Aubrey’s best friend,” Travis admitted. “She’s always going to want to be number on in your life because she’s in love with you. I feel like I have to compete like I’m in a love triangle. Do you want me to bring up the situation where you were asleep and she was staring at your vagina naked?”

Say what?!

According to Aubrey, Travis is taking this all out of context. It was just a foot rub and her best friend is not in love with her. In fact, her friend is more like her mom. Okay, shit just got weird.

Later, all the couples were called to the boot camp room and split up. Half of them were taken and made up with bruises and cuts and put in a fake hospital bed on life support so their partner could experience the feeling of loss. Then the surviving partner have to read the last words they said to them in the previous “It’s not me, it’s you” exercise. As one might imagine, these were not kind words.

Kendra had a hard time seeing Hank on his death bed and it made her want to be kinder to her cheater, cheater pumpkin eater husband.

“I don’t want you going with the worst things I’ve said to you,” she said. “I want you to go with the best things I can say to you. And that opened my eyes so much and my heart because that could happen any minute.”

Then Kendra got smart and quickly changed her tune.

“I could be [in the hospital bed] tomorrow,” she cried. “You have to let me go knowing that I know everything about you! Don’t let me go with questions Hank!”

We could ALL die tomorrow not knowing the truth, Hank! Do the right thing, dude. That’s no way for us to go.

Check back in with Popdust next Friday when Kendra learns about an audio recording that Hank’s transsexual model released. Hank is going to REALLY need some life support!