Donald Trump's Reading List

Trump may not read, but he does love to recommend books.

It's well-known that Donald Trump doesn't read.

Admittedly, reading can be hard in the social media age of distraction and SparkNotes. Maybe if you're the president of the entire United States, you should perhaps read–but who are we to judge?

The president is the author of more than eight books and has sporadically mentioned and tweeted about a few of his favorite reads, which include Unlikeable: The Problem with Hillary Clinton and Box of Butterflies, a motivational book about finding the "unexpected blessings" all around us. This list also contains many, many books about the so-called Trump "witch hunt." Most of the books merely rehash pro-Trump propaganda points, but really, they speak for themselves.

All of them come from different places—comments, speeches, Twitter endorsements—so it's not entirely apparent whether or not Trump has read these books. Either way, they provide a fascinating window into the president's mind, which seems to be some kind of echo chamber or hall of mirrors, constantly reflecting his own voice back to him.

1. Unlikeable: The Problem With Hillary, Ed Klein

Donald Trump absolutely loves this book about Hillary Clinton. Of course, he's still reading obsessively about her even years after 2016. Edward Klein is a gossip columnist-turned-New York Times Magazine editor, but he seems to have channeled his obsessions into peeling apart the Clintons, who, admittedly, are quite scandal-ridden.

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