I hate to say it, but all good people admit when they’re wrong. After attending Coachella in 2022, I saw a dying franchise desperately trying to retain its grasp on relevancy. With lackluster Californian crowds who only go for the festival name and not the names headlining, outsiders often wonder why artists treat this as a Mecca for music.

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Breaking news: it's Friday. So that means we have a whole week's worth of new music. After Billie Eilish basically broke the internet by announcing a new album this week, everyone's wondering who else is gearing up to release some future Grammy nominees. My guess? Harry Styles. (Or is that just a wish?)

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Meet the Internet’s 2024 Award Season Boyfriends

A field guide to internet boyfriends

A field guide to internet boyfriends

Courtesy of Backgrid

What is a white boy of the month? The term originated on the social media app formerly known as Twitter, as most ubiquitous pillars of stan culture do. The Twitter white boy of the month began as a joke poking fun at the cyclical nature of thirst on the internet. Every month, everyone’s feeds erupted with photos and fancams of a new heartthrob — usually a young, white actor or musician with heartthrob hair — only to be replaced weeks later by the latest flavor of the month.

Then came the ranking system. Stan communities pitted their white boys against each other, ranking them according to whether they were hot or not. But soon, as the term entered the mainstream, the internet seemed to come to a consensus: these are all our parasocial boyfriends. We should all just get along.

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Too Early 2024 Grammy Predictions

The end of the year calls for reflection — hence our 2023 Popdust Music Awards, celebrating all of the terrific music we reveled in last year. And now, the beginning of the year is a time of anticipation. For that, they are 2024 Artists to Watch, which also means that Awards Season is right around the corner.

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Is Saltburn Satire?

Saltburn is a lot of things. Salacious. Scandalous. Shocking. But is it satire?

What is Saltburn about?

via MGM / Amazon Prime

After the trailer was (finally, finally) released for the new Emerald Fennell feature film, Saltburn, I asked the question: what the hell is Saltburn? Now, a week after watching it and turning it in my head for days, I still don’t know the answer. This sick, salacious, yet ultimately satisfying film is a reinvigoration of its genre. But what genre is it aspiring to? And is it succeeding?

There are a few things I’m sure of. Saltburn is a study of dichotomies. Rich and poor. Filth and fabulousness. It’s the haves and the have-nots. Some have power, beauty, privilege, and love. The others have not.

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