Saucy Santana x thread beauty: Inside the Iconic Ambassadorship

thread beauty just announced Saucy Santana as their first celebrity face

saucy santana x thread beauty

via thread beauty

The latest venture of Melissa Butler, founder of the Lip Bar, is thread beauty, a brand created with inclusion and representation at the forefront. Described as a “Beauty Brand Created For Humans Of Color Who Are Expressive & Unapologetic In Their Being,” thread beauty is a Black Owned Brand championing gender diversity and unbridled self-expression — we love to see it!

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Beauty Starts at the Sourse: Inside the Sarah Hyland x Sourse x Sephora Launch

Sitting down with “Modern Family” actress Sarah Hyland for a peek at her new wellness brand, Source, available in Sephoras, nationwide — today

Sarah Hyland x Sourse

Before Sarah Hyland achieved global fame as Haley Dunphy in Modern Family, she was born and raised a New York teen, trying on makeup at Sephora before dance class.

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Best Things We Bought This Month - April Edition

Oil cleansers, tote bags, and new shoes. Discover the best things loved by our editors

When I was in fourth grade, there was this boy who would always say “Happy White Rabbit Day” on the first of the month. And even though I just thought he was weird running around sayig ‘rabbit rabbit’ for hours on end, I silently say it to myself every time the first of the month comes around.

While I had no idea this was actually a real saying – see FDR and apparently even George Washington (am I the worst American?) – the phrase ‘rabbit rabbit,’ or wishing some a happy white rabbit day, is the equivalent of wishing them luck.

Now that May has officially come to a close, it’s time to wish each other endless rabbits and take a look at some of the best things our editors bought last month.

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So You Missed The Rhode Restock - Here Are The Best Rhode Skin Dupes

Rhode Skin just sold out. Again. Here are the best dupes to get you glazed skin, anyway

Hailey Bieber, Rhode Skin

via Rhode Skin

Celebrity brands are a dime a dozen. Some flop while others change the industry forever — thank you, Fenty Beauty, for your service. Rhode Skin, Hailey Bieber’s new skincare brand, seems to be the latter.

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There Is No Better Time to Get the NuFace

Wanna be snatched like Bella Hadid? Ageless like Jennifer Aniston? Try the NuFace MINI+

The new NuFace MINI+

via NuFace

Alert! Alert! The bestselling microcurrent device from NuFace just got better — and smaller. NuFace’s latest line of improved devices is here and most exciting is the NuFace MINI+. Let’s break down this exciting news.

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SKKN By Kim is Not Worth the Hype: Here are the products we recommend instead

SKKN is here. So is its ... decorative bathroom accessories? Our editors say no.

Kim Kardashian for SKKN

via SKKN

You’ve probably heard a lot about Kim Kardashian’s new skincare line, SKKN by Kim.

It first entered the news cycle just by virtue of being Kim’s brand. After shutting down KKW Beauty and KKW Fragrance, everyone wondered what Kim would do next. Surprisingly, her popular apparel brand Skims gets rave reviews for quality and comfort. So when she launched SKKN, she inevitably made headlines.

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