Everytime I visit my sister, I feel terrible about my apartment because her house is always spotless. The last time I was there, I went to grab a beer and couldn't believe how clean the inside of her fridge was. It was absolutely sparkling! I know she's a busy woman, so I had to ask her - how do you manage to keep everything so clean? Like, even the fridge? How can she keep a whole house so clean when I struggle to keep my apartment in line?

She laughed and told me she uses an app called Handy. Handy is the leading platform for booking a house cleaning - and other household services - that connects you with local cleaning professionals. My sister's cleaning "Pro" is scheduled to come every 2 weeks to clean the bathroom, and wipe down the fridge, oven, and stove. My sister does most of the housework, but gets help with a few extra chores she can never find time to do herself.

My apartment is a mess. I can't keep up with the basics, even easy tasks like dusting and sweeping. Some weeks, I forget to take out the garbage on time! I thought maybe Handy could help me out, but I was a bit apprehensive about whether it was safe to let a stranger into my home. I decided to check out their site anyway.

I read that before a professional can be matched with jobs through Handy, the company uses ID verification technology and a background screeningthat dates back several years. Handy is providing Pros with safety guidance and masks and gloves that they may wear during bookings.

Handy also, of course, asks any pros who feel sick to stay home and rest, and has an in-app daily check up to validate they are feeling well in order to book jobs. I love that they have really gone the extra mile during such a challenging time for everyone.

For any issues that arise during a booking, Handy has a 24/7 Customer Service Team that will answer questions or concerns at any hour of the day. This made me feel a lot better.

Turns out, you can use Handy to book all types of cleaning services - you just have to give your Pro instructions ahead of time. You can have your home dusted, garbage and recycling disposed of, sinks and toilets sanitized, dishwasher loaded, and everything in between. For an additional fee, you can book upgraded services such as window cleanings, pet hair removal, refrigerator cleanings, and ovens.

After some consideration, I decided I'm going to try it and start with a few basics each month - garbage disposal, bathroom cleaning, and dusting the bedroom. Handy makes it super convenient. You can view ratings and read reviews from previous Handy customers, and then choose the cleaner who's best for you. Or, if you don't want to choose, Handy will match you with an available Pro who is ready to take on your job.

Plus, they have the Handy Happiness Guarantee which means if you aren't happy with the service you received they will set out another cleaner to make it right. And their customer service is open 24/7 to answer all your questions.

Handy is following all guidelines right now to keep both customers and cleaners safe and healthy. They have introduced the Handy Safety Standard, which includes a number of steps to help foster a safe environment for the customers and cleaning professionals who use Handy.

As part of this effort, Handy is providing face coverings to all professionals, professionals are carrying out daily self-certifications confirming that they are not experiencing symptoms, and all pros are receiving guidance on using EPA-approved cleaning products and following the CDC's health and safety guidelines. On top of that, for every set of masks and gloves that Handy sends to pros, they also donate one to a local hospital and they have provided financial assistance to pros who have tested positive for COVID-19.

Knowing I don't have to clean the bathroom is honestly the best news ever. I like how easy it is to organize and how flexible Handy is. No matter what type of cleaning you're looking for, there are services for anyone. I can't wait to start using Handy! If my cleanings go well, I'll probably upgrade like my sister did.

I've never been able to stay on top of my house cleaning. But with a little bit of help from Handy, I hope to keep my apartment tidy and live in a more tranquil space.

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Spring cleaning this and Spring cleaning that - I don't need a reset! My house looks just fine.

I wasn't even swayed to pick up a broom when I noticed people online posting before and after pictures of their deep cleans.

It was only when I saw my best friend thank "Handy" for her Spring Clean, that I got curious. I called her up and she told me that she'd just signed up with Handy, a site that connects you with background-checked cleaning professionals in your area.

She wanted to do a deep clean to stave off the inevitable Spring allergy season, and honestly, I could relate. I never used to get them growing up, but now I'm super sniffly come April.

She gave me the name of her Cleaning Pro that she books through Handy, but told me they all had great reviews. I said no.

It all really came down to price - it's 2020, who can afford a cleaner these days?! I just wanted to see, so I plugged in my zip code, and my plans were surprisingly affordable. I wouldn't have to rearrange anything in my budget...

I still didn't think I needed it, but my friend at least pushed me to clean out my closet. She knew I hadn't been able to close one of the doors for a long time.

Fine. I went upstairs and did a purge - the jacket with the broken zipper had to go, the robe I got from a relative that was 2 sizes too big, the ratty towel that never smelled right even after a wash, boots that were so '90's it hurt, the jeans with holes in the inner thighs - they all had to go.

Tying up the trash bag for Goodwill, I vowed that I needed to do this every year. In my closet, I could now see my favorite jeans that'd gotten balled up in the corner, my fancy white blouse I don't wear enough, and so much more.

I still thought it was silly to get a cleaner - but I couldn't get it off my mind. What else was I missing that was right in front of my face?

I started to realize there was a huge value in doing a deep clean and throwing out the stuff I don't use anymore, and you know what? I wanted to see what my home looked like dust-free. I never identified with my super clean-freak friends or television characters, but maybe they were onto something.

I don't know if I liked the idea of someone I didn't know coming into my home, but I could be there and at least introduce myself. Plus, I read Handy does background checks on all their cleaning pros, so I felt comfortable letting them into my home.

I also wouldn't get locked in to too many cleanings - I could choose weekly, biweekly, or monthly frequencies - whatever worked best for me.

That sounded nice - also, if I needed to reschedule a cleaning, I could just go to the website or app and move the day or time of the cleaning super easily.

I decided Handy was for me. I don't clean enough and no amount of shaming myself would make me clean more. I'd become too comfortable living in dirt for too long.

I never knew a professional cleaning service could be so accessible to me and my budget, but I found Handy at the right time in my life to help me do it. Spring Cleaning, here I come.

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