IDK Offers Questions, but No Answers on "Is He Real?"

Maybe IDK's saying that, sometimes, the biggest questions have the simplest answers.

For a hip-hop artist, 27-year-old Jason Mills has a unique relationship with nostalgia.

IDK - 24 (Official Music Video)

"It's funny how the sh*t I dreamt about's the sh*t I'm livin' now," Mills, known as IDK, reminisces fondly on "Alone," the third track off his narrative debut, Is He Real? "My life's the destination, and I'm the meaning." IDK asks questions both big and small. He regularly reflects on his past relationships and why they didn't work out. "Why don't we fall in love?" he candidly asks on "I Do Me...You Do You." "Why all my brothers tryna infiltrate my circle?" he asks of former friends on "No Cable."

But it's the fallacies of religion that take center stage. "The sperm travelin' to the egg makes more sense than Adam and Evenings of Gospel," he says on "European Skies." "It's awful how often we argue about these religions." The questions posed aren't necessarily inimitable, but IDK's ability to be braggadocious while still questioning the teachings of God is funny and appealing. "The bible say beatin' my d*ck and killin' is equal," he says on "P*rno," "but that don't add up, cause the amount of times that I milk my sh*t I'll probably be considered serial."

With an eclectic range of features, IDK asks many of his collaborators to follow him down the road less traveled. The production on "Michael What TF" is uncharacteristically gritty for a song featuring James Blake, while DMX is asked to fill the role of a pastor and offer a strange spoken-word prayer on the minute-long interlude "The E In Blue." Elsewhere, Tyler, The Creator and IDK dissect religion together in a back and forth conversation on "I Do Me…" Even Burna Boy's signature vocal flourish sounds unrecognizable on "December."

In terms of answering all these questions, IDK admits on "Julia" that questions are sometimes all there is. "To know if we actually even see the same colors, then how can we say there is no God?" he says in the song's final bars. It's an anticlimactic ending considering the album's grandiose setup, but maybe that's the point. Maybe IDK's saying that, sometimes, the biggest questions have the simplest answers.

Is He Real?

Beyoncé in "Black Is King"

Beyoncé has released Black Is King, and as usual, her work is subtly shifting the world and inspiring millions.

The musical film dropped today on Disney+. It's a visual companion to 2019's The Lion King: The Gift, an album inspired by last year's remake of The Lion King, in which Beyoncé starred as Nala. The moment it released at 12AM PT, fans lost it with excitement.

Black Is King is rooted in Black history. "History is your future," Beyoncé says prophetically toward the beginning. "One day you will meet yourself back where you started, but stronger." The film is studded with references to African history, portraying the lives of African royalty.

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Happy Birthday Beyoncé!

At 37, The Singer is as Hot as the Candles on Her Cake – Her 10 Best Looks

For Beyoncé, looking great is a piece of (birthday) cake!

If fans of Beyoncé need another excuse to celebrate the celeb, how 'bout a big birthday cheer for the never-better Bey? She's 37-years-old today, making music, "mini-mes," and millions.

Aside from her talent, we love how Beyoncé always looks beautiful. Her look is one-of-a-kind and her fashion sense is fierce. What better way to wish Queen Bey a happy Bey-day than to give a well-deserved shout out to her stellar style? Popdust's picks for Beyoncé's top 10 fashion moments will remind us all that 37 has never looked better.

Pregnant Princess

Glowing and showing

She may be known as Queen Bey, but this bronzed beauty was every bit a pregnant princess deserving of her ridiculously royal crown. Glowing with that mom-to-be radiance, Beyoncé was giving us a bedazzled bump that was far better than a disco ball.

A View from Behind

Training day

A train like this deserves a grand entrance. As Beyoncé climbs the red-carpeted stairs, all eyes are on her backside…but for good reason. That sheer dress with a train for days is a fashion moment we're glad we didn't miss. Talk about a caboose!

Here Comes the Beyoncé

For better...for richer...

Looking bridal and beautiful, this wedding gown inspired stage costume gives "I do" a whole new meaning. This dress may not be right for walking down the aisle, but when Bey's on stage, anything goes. "Put a ring on it?" Don't mind if we do.

Daisy Dukes

Who wears short shorts?

Sporty-meets-sexy when Beyoncé gives us legs for days and a sultry gaze. Yellow is perfect for the "Lemonade" singer who loves to balance out her sweet side with some sass.

Pause for a Flashback Video with Destiny's Child 

"Say My Name"

Wet and Wild

No pants, no problem

The "wet look" hairdo paired with an outfit that's as hot as the woman in it makes Beyoncé look every bit the total package. Hand on hip and standing tall, anyone can tell that "Sasha" is, indeed, fierce.

Lady in Lace

White hot

Another concert look that turned heads, this little lace number showed off all of Bey's curves in all the right places. Toned, trim, and taking us under her spell, we're living for this lady in lace.

How 'Bout Going APES**T?


Dazzling and Daring

Star-studded, indeed

Here with her hubby, Beyoncé is bright and "blingy," showing lots of skin and tons of sparkle. While her man looks dapper, Bey steals the show with a mega-watt wardrobe and a smile to match.

Form-Fitted Fabulosity 

Blushing beauty

Posing for the paparazzi, Beyoncé looks like she was poured into this gown like a fine glass of wine. Every detail is pure perfection, from the sheen of the fabric to the intricate appliques. With a body like hers, any stylist would be silly not to dress this diva.

Lady in Red

Grammys and glam

Another pregnant pic of the dazzling diva. Here, she's not only showing off an impressive bump, but two awards to match. Like Dorothy's ruby red slippers, Beyoncé shows us why sequins and sparkle make any look lovelier. Always a winner, here Bey proves it with her well-deserved Grammys.

Ice, Ice, Baby

Cold as ice but just as nice

Feathers for fashion may not be an everyday look, but for Beyoncé, every moment is her time to shine. Looking cool in an ice blue gown, Bey gives us step-and-repeat style only she could pull off without a hitch. Bey in baby blue is simply the best.

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