Dave Chapelle at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, USA - 04 Sep 2017

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Dave Chappelle's groundbreaking sketch comedy series Chappelle's Show is returning to Netflix.

The show was removed from the platform after a clip of Dave's displeasure with not being compensated by ViacomCBS went viral. Netflix and Chappelle have a close working relationship and empathized with Dave by removing the show as a sign of good faith.

Now Chappelle announced that he'd been paid "millions of dollars" and thanked his fans for the support.

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The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly: "The Mandalorian" Chapter 15

The Mandalorian, "Chapter 15: The Believer" (written and directed by Rick Famuyiwa) premiered Friday, December 11th on Disney Plus

With only one more episode remaining in Season 2, fans will likely be disappointed that Chapter 15 barely hits 32 minutes, excluding credits. And let's be honest, not a lot happened. "The Believer" did however unexpectedly treat us to what is probably the best dramatic performance of the series: Bill Burr (returning) as Migs Mayfeld.

Let's talk Mayfeld and breakdown the best and worst moments of The Mandalorian, Season 2, Episode 7.

Warning: this review contains spoilers.

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In "Paper Tiger," Bill Burr Proves He's No Dave Chappelle

The difference between Paper Tiger and Sticks and Stones is that Chappelle's content actually has bite. Burr's material, on the other hand, feels toothless.

Bill Burr at the 'Blonde' film premiere, Los Angeles

Photo by Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock

No doubt about it, Bill Burr is a very talented comedian.

Burr knows how to set up a joke and land a punchline. He knows how to shift a story to keep a joke running. And when an audience member heckles him, he knows how to shut them down. Love it or hate it, Bill Burr's new Netflix special, Paper Tiger, is certainly a well-crafted hour of stand-up comedy. But is well-crafted comedy necessarily funny? That's debatable.

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