All the Things Millennials Have "Killed"

Don't cry because it happened; smile because it's over.


Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

Millennials changed the face of American culture and many people (from older generations) argue that they changed it for the worst.

But what could be deemed lazy may just be efficient. Instead of working at a desk, people can make bank from their phones. Instead of a basic marketing rollout, marketers make memes. Instead of ordering food over the phone, people have over 20 delivery apps to choose from.

As requested by @youngandjoven: "Can someone write an article on millennials killing the doorbell industry by texting 'here.'" Popdust delivers. You're welcome.

Paper Cups

Paper cups are for the dentist, and the dentist only. If you're not waving around a plastic cup, ignoring the environment while shouting "F*ck Tha Police," what are you even doing?

Phone Calls

There's a reason why so many adults today don't like calling the doctor: It's a nerve-wracking experience. After the invention of Caller ID, if it's an unrecognizable number, why pick it up? Telemarketers everywhere will be obsolete by the time millennials are cool, old farts.

Saying The N Word in A Rap Song

Ah, remember the good ol' days when PC culture didn't exist? You know, just casual racism that no one would acknowledge (with the exception of any black person in the room)?

Top Sheets

GQtried covering this phenomenon, which obviously left their staff conflicted. No one uses top sheets anymore, and maybe laziness is the reason. Making your bed already takes effort, and we already don't wash our sheets enough. Just when we've revolutionized laundering, the standard of living has gone up, and the way we treat ourselves has gone down exponentially.

Thank You Notes

Unless you're really trying to get the job (like I did with Popdust), no one writes thank you notes anymore. There's no incentive to, especially when employers are ghosting their candidates.

Don't let your mom guilt you into sending relatives a thank you note for that Amazon gift card; save the environment and just shoot your grandma a heart emoji.

Being Nice To Your Racist and/or Homophobic Relative

"It's just the way they are, and you can't change them!" Wrong. The younger generation will always revolutionize discourse and norms. Indifference is hate, choosing your family has more of a place now, and we're embracing it. Thanksgiving debates will never be the same.

Hot Coffee

Ok, this isn't killed off completely, but it should be. If Gen Y has taught us anything, it's that iced coffee is King and I will not accept any other opinion. Next.

Healthily Paced Relationships

Either people are moving in together after two months, traveling the world together, or dragging out year-long courtships because marriage is too much of a "commitment." Millennials revived The Bachelor for a reason: We want to see what unhealthy relationships look like to remind us what we really deserve!

Chain Restaurants

Experts claim millennials have killed chain restaurants. Who can blame us? The desire to experience "authentic," "healthy" food has gone up with our fetishization and fusion of ethnic foods.

Seriously, fajitas must be stopped.


Oh, what started it all.

First of all, doorbells and buzzers are quite different. If you live in any major city, you know this. The obnoxious, soul-sucking noise that is a buzzer has nothing on the sweet, versatile doorbell; but the family doorbell stopped working years ago, and now you just text "here."

The White Male Leading Role

Lol jk, nvm.