13 of the Most Controversial Music Videos Ever

From Kanye West to Madonna, these gory and graphic clips got people talking — for better or for worse.

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Music videos are a perfect opportunity to expand the story of a song.

The best music videos can showcase killer choreography, Halloween-ready attire, or movie levels of cinematic gold; others can spark controversies, no matter how well-intended. Whether centered around copious bloodshed or near-pornographic nudity (sorry, Mom and Dad), there's one thing all controversial music videos have in common: They get people talking.

Here are 13 music videos released over the past 30-plus years that have sparked disputes. Watch at your own risk.

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MUSIC MONDAY | Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes takeover

The artists recently premiered their music video and their EP-- with deep cuts from some of their favorite albums

Catapult - Daniel Ellsworth + The Great Lakes [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

If you like 1975 and Børns, you'll love these guys.

According to Billboard they are, "...a candy-coated nugget coming straight from Nashville that sounds ready to squeeze in alongside Børns and the 1975 on your fall alt-pop playlists." Well it's the middle of winter and we're still really into them. They recently premiered their music video for "Catapult" through Relix who called their work, " [a] series of rich, nuanced studio recordings." They released an EP entitled Chapter One just a week ago and Chapter Two is expected this Spring. This is all a part of their anticipated album Fashion out this summer taking the unique tactic of dropping the album in installments. These deep cuts can't be passed by.

Watch "Catapult" here.

Daniel Ellsworth, lead singer, remarks on "Catapult."

"Catapult' is a song about loving someone for their flaws, not in spite of them. It's about opposites attracting. It's someone saying "I'm a little crazy.You're a little crazy. Maybe we should be crazy together. When you find someone you really love, it's automatic. You love them through all the bullshit no matter what. I think there's a beautiful vulnerability in that. It's one of my favorite songs on the new record. I'm particularly proud of the arrangement we came up with. I love the way all the instruments play off each other and I love all the sounds we were able to dial in in the studio. I especially love Marshall's bass line. He always writes great bass lines, but this might be my all time favorite of his."

In the music video, Ellsworth dances with his wife. The two wear outfits as vibrant as their personalities though their performance style is silly and stoic. The video is interlaced with fun "couch hangs" with the rest of the band. Probably my favorite part of the video is how vibrant everything is but also how chill everyone presents themselves. I feel like this is pretty representative of falling in love right? Everything feels intense, but you do your best to keep your cool.

We wanted to know what Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes listens to. The band curated a playlist just for Popdust readers. Check it out here!

Dr. Dog | "I Only Wear Blue" (Marshall)

Guitarist Scott McMicken suggests that not only is the title of this song directly related to the fact that he only wore blue clothes for a period of his life, but also that this song is an apology to anyone. An apology based on the experiences we all have with each other, and the faults we all have as humans to over analyze and to not be faithful to each other. Regardless of the meaning this song moves in a beautiful flow, from a soft subtle opening, to a lighthearted bopping middle section, and then into a final burst of energy. Dr. Dog ends the song with the hook and a dirty guitar solo, making the payoff worth it.

Loved their playlist? Check out their new EP Chapter One here.

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