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Ava Max's "Kings & Queens" Video Is a Royal Empowerment Party

The pop star's new visual reminds us that all you need to be a queen is the right attitude.

Ava Max just keeps getting stronger.

The ascendant pop star is best known for being "sweet but psycho," but she's still fit for the crown. She proves her royal worth in the new music video for "Kings & Queens," the first official single from her debut album, due later this year. (Read our interview with the singer here!)

The pompous visual depicts Max as an all-ruling monarch, albeit on her own terms. Her lavish dinners are accompanied by copious amounts of champagne while her army is equipped with electric guitars. Her palace is the place to party, but as Max struts and flaunts her sword, the Isaac Rentz-directed clip boosts "Kings & Queens"' empowering message: "To all of the queens who are fighting alone / Baby, you're not dancing on your own," she belts in the chorus, which matches the robustness of Bon Jovi's "You Give Love a Bad Name." As Max tells it, being a queen isn't reserved for just one woman; each of us can sit on our own thrones.

Ava Max - Kings & Queens [Official Music Video]


Bon Jovi is Inducted into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame

Bon Jovi fans are no longer Livin' On a Prayer, this band's on their way to Cleveland!

No high school dance I attended was ever complete without a group dance-a-long to "Livin' On a Prayer," where everyone sang along to every lyric almost thirty years after the song was released.

The longevity of Bon Jovi, the little rock band that could from New Jersey, speaks for itself. Now, their work is being rewarded with a long-awaited inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2018. They'll be joined in their inaugural class by the Moody Blues, the Cars, and Nina Simone. They're also the only artists who started their group in the 1970s in this years bunch.

Bon Jovi rose to fame in the 1980s with the release of their 1986 album, Slippery When Wet, which went on to achieve global attention with singles like "You Give Love a Bad Name," and "Livin' On a Prayer," which I mentioned before. A record that earns its name from a visit to a Vancouver strip club went on to take these guys from a bunch of dudes from New Jersey to legitimate rock stars across the globe.

While the band was not always critically acclaimed, usually getting more attention for their clothing and hair choices than for their rock music, but their impact remained. In their hay-day, they became the first band to be officially and legally sanctioned by the Soviet Union, yet their album was the first to be legally released in the U.S.S.R. They acoustic concerts performances have also been attributed to greatly influencing the creation of MTV's Unplugged TV program.

These rockers were never without controversy, but whatever trouble they caused, their fans never stopped swooning for their songs exploring love, life, and the average American plight of decoding it all. No wonder high schoolers are still dancing to these tracks. Our problems haven't changed that much.

The band reacted to the news of social media after finding out, excited for the much deserved accomplishment. Sure sounds like a great early holiday present for these guys. Lead singer Jon Bon Jovi even shared a video with fans. See some of the band's tweets below!

Congratulations to Bon Jovi, and thanks once again for all of the hits, all of the heartstring pulled, and most importantly, all of the hair our parents so greatly admired. Here's to hoping it will be broken out with some animal print clothing when they perform at the ceremony this spring!

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions will take place April 14th, 2018 at Cleveland's public hall.

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Popdust Presents | LARRY DVOSKIN tells stories about the Songwriters Hall of Fame

INTERVIEW | Why is the Songwriters Hall of Fame better than the Grammys?

Tonight will mark the 2017 Songwriters Hall of Fame induction ceremony in NYC, and this year is possibly their biggest yet!

Music producer and author, Larry Dvoskin, joined us at Popdust to share his experiences with the organization and the legends that attend! Larry speaks to Popdust about all the celebrity details.

Talk about a big night for music lovers! This year our inductees include Jay Z, the first rapper ever to be inducted to the Songwriters Hall of Fame since its founding in 1969, Max Martin, Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, Berry Gordy, Robert Lamm, and James Pankow. Receiving the "honoree" award this year are superstars Ed Sheeran, Pitbull, and Caroline Bienstock!

"Add in award presenters including Jon Bon Jovi, Usher, mega manager Irving Azoff, Benny Blanco, Whoopi Goldberg and many others this makes the Songwriting Hall of Fame induction dinner THE hottest ticket, and music's hottest summer night in New York. This array of stellar talent takes the Songwriters Hall of Fame to a new level in my opinion alongside the Grammys."

- Dvoskin tells Huffington Post.

In our interview Larry tells me a CRAZY story about a time he encountered James Brown at the induction ceremony, plus he even gives me advice on how to sneak in to the show [menacing laugh]. While Larry has a ton more stories that we hope to share soon, the thing he emphasizes most is how magical and powerful songwriting is, and what a fantastic organization the Songwriters Hall of Fame is to honor those who dedicate their lives to the craft.

There's no doubt that tonight is a huge night for music and as a New Yorker, I'm proud that it's hosted here. Larry will be live tonight at the event so make sure to follow him on social media and experience the most important music awards ceremony of the year with him!

Larry Dvoskin Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

- by Brent Butler

Jon Bon Jovi pre-fame jobs include selling newspapers and sweeping floors—back in the day he really was living on a prayer.. good job it paid off..

Jon Bon Jovi pre fame jobs were less than glamorous and show it wasn't always a Bed of Roses for the Bon Jovi front man.

Before the handsome hunk was a rock star, he had humble beginnings in New Jersey.

While he'll Never Say Goodbye to his roots, it must be a thrill to have realized your dreams of becoming rich and famous by doing something you love.

We know the musician as he is today and have loved his music for decades, but there's more to Jon that shaped him into the guy we'll swoon over Always.

Here's what Jon did before he became the Bad Medicine we all want a taste of…

Jon Bon Jovi pre-fame jobs :

According to Wikipedia, before Jon was Jon, he was actually John Francis Bongiovi, Jr.

Sounds more Pope than pop—so it's little wonder the idol changed his name to become more star-worthy.

Like he sings in his songs, Jon skipped out on school quite often to play music.

And, by the time he was 16, he was rocking out in clubs in his hometown!

What were you doing at 16? Oh ya, probably studying in school.

Certainly gigs at 16 didn't pay well, so as per Suggest, Jon made some spending money by selling newspapers.

Now that's the paper boy we all wish came pedaling down our street!

He'd give Have a Nice Day a whole new meaning.

Aside from newspaper sales, Ultimate Classic Rock informs us that Jon also earned moolah by making Christmas ornaments.

During the holidays, when you Make a Memory perhaps it's Jon's work hanging from your tree.

Suggest also tells us that Jon made extra loot by working as a janitor at his cousin's recording studio.

It was there he recorded his first single, Runaway at the age of 18.

Jon's the one who cleaned up the best in the end!

Good thing he knew how to Keep the Faith and kept on pursuing his music career.

Today, Jon Bon Jovi is one of the most recognizable faces (and voices) in the industry.

All we can say is Jon and his music will always be Wanted Dead or Alive!

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jon bon jovi pre-fame jobs

Forbes has gathered a list of the highest-paid musicians of 2014. And the results won't disappoint you.

Dr. Dre takes the lead with the No. 1 spot; earning $620 million dollars. Selling his co-founded company, Beats, to Apple for $3 billion dollars has given him that push to rank as No. 1. Beyoncé, falls right behind, in second place, earning $115 million dollars; which is a combination from her self-titled visual album sales, Mrs. Carter Show Tour, and partnerships with Pepsi and H&M.

The Eagles' History of the Eagles tour earns them the third spot and $100 million dollars. Followed by the legendary, Bon Jovi, earns $82 million dollars. While, Bruce Springsteen makes the top 5, earning $81 million dollars. Justin Bieber's Believe tour which ended in late 2013 has helped him rank as the No. 6 highest-paid musician of 2014, with $18 million dollars. One Direction falls right below the Biebs making $75 million dollars; thanks to their tour, Midnight Memories album, and their Pepsi commercial.

Paul McCartney snags $71 million dollars and falls eighth place, right after his world tour. DJ Calvin Harris, earns $66 million dollars and takes the ninth place. Toby Keith marks the tenth place and nets $65 million. TK does it all, he has his own record label, alongside a chain of restaurants!

Taylor Swift was super close to making the top 10, but falls short, which leaves her at No. 11; gathering $64 million dollars. Meanwhile, Jay Z, Diddy, and Bruno Mars tie with scoring $60 million dollars each. Justin Timberlake, P!nk, Michael Bublé, Rihanna, The Rolling Stones, and Roger Walter make the top 20 list.

Musicians such as Katy Perry, Elton John, and Kenny Chesney fall right behind. Both Jason Aldean and Jennifer Lopez tie with $37 million dollars. Then, Miley Cyrus and Celine Dion tie with $36 million dollars. Followed by Lady Gaga and Drake, who tie with earning $33 million dollars.

Other artists whom also made a great load of money, but did not make the top 30, includes: Britney Spears, Aviici, Kanye West, Madonna, Macklemore, David Guetta, Lil Wayne, Tiesto, and Birdman.

Top 30 Highest-Paid Musicians of 2014:

1. Dr. Dre - $620M

2. Beyoncé - $115M

3. The Eagles - $100

4. Bon Jovi - $82M

5. Bruce Springsteen - $81M

6. Justin Bieber -$80M

7. One Direction - $75M

8. Paul McCartney - $71M

9. Calvin Harris - $66M

10. Toby Keith - $65M

11. Taylor Swift - $64M

12. Jay Z - $60M (Tie)

13. Diddy - $60M (Tie)

14. Bruno Mars - $60M (Tie)

15. Justin Timberlake - $57M

16. Pink - $52M

17. Michael Bublé - $51M

18. Rihanna - $48M

19. Rolling Stones - $47M

20. Roger Waters - $46M

21. Elton John - $45M

22. Kenny Chesney: $44M

23. Katy Perry - $40M

24. Jason Aldean - $37M (Tie)

25. Jennifer Lopez $37M (Tie)

26. Miley Cyrus - $36M (Tie)

27. Celine Dion - $36M (Tie)

28. Muse $34M (Tie)

29. Luke Bryan - $34M (Tie)

30. Lady Gaga - $33M (Tie)

31. Drake - $33M (Tie)

Stay tuned to for more pop culture updates. Also, feel free to follow @vivianxo67 and @Popdust on Twitter.

Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer is a 27-year-old song, but a crazy/awesome Boston Celtics fan breathed new life into the 80s classic during break time, 5 years ago, back in 2009.

Utrend-TV recently revived the youtube clip, and now Living on a Prayer is #25 on this week's Billboard charts.

When the opening bars of the iconic hit began, it was as though Jeremy Fry was possessed by the spirit of Jon Bon himself. From a seemingly bored, bespectacled teen, he swiftly transformed into a rock god and everyone in the aisles bowed down to him. Except that hater at 1:46. Seriously, bro, what’s your problem?

Fortunately a hot blonde at 1:37 preemptively eased the blow by showing Jer some love.

11 million people have watched the awesome astounding display. Make that 11 million and 1. And I think I’m in love.

Looking for tickets to a Celtics game? Checkout for the best deals available.