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A tribute to legendary writer Joan Didion

RIP Joan Didion

“We tell ourselves stories in order to live…” ― Joan Didion, The White Album

The news broke on the afternoon of December 23rd: Joan Didion, the influential essayist, novelist, and screenwriter, died at the age of 87.

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It's official: The new must-have accessory to supplement your hot girl summer is a good book.

Celebrities are starting book clubs. Famous YouTubers are encouraging Gen Z to pick up classic novels. Kendall Jenner has been heralded as the "patron saint of alternative literature." Maybe it's the copious amounts of alone time we've spent over the past year — or maybe we're just getting old — but, is reading cool again?

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Catherine Cohen "God I Feel Modern Tonight" cover

Catherine Cohen is the patron saint of horny sad girls who live in Brooklyn apartments without central air.

She is amorphously famous in a way only a millennial could be: She can best be described as a comedian/podcast host/writer/content creator.

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Culture Feature

The 7 Best "Calvin and Hobbes" Strips

On this day 25 years ago, Bill Watterson's iconic comic strip Calvin and Hobbes bid us farewell.

Calvin and Hobbes

On this day 25 years ago, Bill Watterson's iconic comic strip Calvin and Hobbes bid us farewell.

With thousands of hilarious and thought-provoking comic strips, Watterson's adventures with Calvin and his stuffed tiger remain forever lodged in the hearts of millions.

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Amanda Boyden's "I Got the Dog" Is a Fierce, Funny Account of Marriage to a Fraud

Make sure this book is on your shelf soon.

Novelist Amanda Boyden's searing new book I Got the Dog: A Memoir of Rising is roaring up the Canadian bestsellers list.

Born in Minnesota, educated at the University of New Orleans, Boyden has done everything from slinging hash to performing as a trapeze artist known as "Lady Hummingbird."

She's published bestselling novels - Pretty Little Dirty (Vintage - 2006) and Babylon Rolling (Pantheon - 2008) - before embarking on her memoir. Dog offers the reader - among other things - a devastatingly powerful account of a sexual assault as well as the psychic assault of a marriage gone desperately wrong.

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Music Features

The 8 Best Books for Rock Music Lovers, Written by Women

Reading material to help you fill the concert void.

After six months without proper concerts and no relief in sight, musicians and music lovers have been going especially stir-crazy during quarantine.

Drive-in shows and livestreams can't replace the joy of good old-fashioned live music, but thankfully, there are other ways we can try to get our fix: movies and books.

The music world provides an endless stream of memoirs, criticism, and oral histories for a deeper understanding of our heroes; It seems music books are being released nearly daily these days. But, since the industry has historically left women underappreciated, we've decided to focus this reading list specifically on women in rock.

Below, check out our must-reads for the rock lover and feminist in all of us.

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