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2020 was a strange and strained year in so many ways.

Every aspect of culture has had to adapt to shifting circumstances. But cinema in particular — an institution based on the idea of large groups of people sitting in a tightly-packed room for two hours — had to adjust.

Schedules for both production and release have been continually disrupted, and despite efforts to convince audiences that they can feel safe returning to theaters, most have stayed away — and they are right to. As a result, a lot of great movies fell through the cracks.

The critically acclaimed Minari, for example, only saw a limited digital release for one week, with a theatrical debut scheduled for March. And the much anticipated News of the World is currently screening in theaters — even though Tom Hanks was the first famous face of the coronavirus pandemic.

With that in mind, it was a strange year to review cinema, but these are the best movies that felt safe to see in 2020.

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Borat Prime Video

Against all odds, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm may be the feminist film of the year.

Sacha Baron Cohen's film is about many things. One of these things is an aggressive deconstruction of the state of women around the world—or at least in two places: Borat's heavily satirized homeland of Kazakhstan, and the US&A (as he refers to it).

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Culture Feature

Did Rudy Giuliani Get Seduced in a Hotel Room for "Borat 2"?

The former mayor of New York City has officially lit the last of his credibility on fire.

Rudy Giuliani

Photo by Nathan Posner/Shutterstock

Last week the New York Post published a story about "evidence" of corruption on a hard drive allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden.

Son of the Democratic candidate for president, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden has not been secretive about his past, speaking openly about his struggle with drug addiction and acknowledging that his controversial role on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma—during the Obama-Biden administration—was most likely a result of who his father is.

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