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Is the Boston Dynamics Dance Video Proof That Robots Have Soul(s)?

The elaborate four-robot dance to The Contours "Do You Love Me," showed off some impressive moves.

Do You Love Me?

Legendary dancer and choreographer Martha Graham famously said that "dance is the hidden language of the soul."

If that's true, what does it say that the robots of Boston Dynamics just proved that they can dance better than most humans?

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5 Tips for Surviving as the World Turns into "Black Mirror"

The New Mini Cheetah Robots From MIT Are Just the Latest Sign


Footage of MIT's new Mini Cheetah robots doing backflips, moving in formation, and jumping out of hiding places set Twitter off with a fresh round of comparisons to the horrifying Black Mirror episode "Metalhead."

Similar comparisons seem to crop up any time MIT or Boston Dynamics releases new footage of their competing quadruped robots, but that doesn't mean that the comparisons aren't apt. Honestly, they could hardly be…apter. Look at the way they move! That faceless, predatory flow. They're nightmarish, no matter what their creators want us to believe.

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