The first installment of Bridgerton Season 3 left me wanting. Namely, wanting more from Colin (Luke Newton), wanting more for Penelope (Nicola Coughlan), and wanting more groveling. Thankfully, part 2 delivered on all but the groveling — but I’ll take it.

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A Flop and a Featherington: Colin’s Cringe Carriage Confession and Other Reasons Bridgerton Season 3 Didn’t Hit

Anyone else disappointed by Bridgerton Season 3? You’re not the only one.

Against all odds, I went into Bridgerton Season 3 with an open mind. Perhaps it was Shondaland’s masterclass in marketing: a teasing trailer, sumptuous snippets, and the reveal of their always-miraculous Bridgerton leading man glow-ups.

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