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Bryson Tiller Is Done with Drama on "A N N I V E R S A R Y"

The singer's brief but satisfying third album focuses heavily on self-reflection.

When Bryson Tiller released his debut cult classic, T R A P S O U L, five years ago, he didn't intend to become a superstar.

While the album was saturated with the heartbreak and sadness that became his calling card, the efforts behind his come-up were pure. He was a humble Papa John's-employee-turned-R&B-star who used to sleep in his car, and his music was a means to an end. He wanted to have some money saved up for his daughter, and he wanted to afford basic cable. He was putting in "overtime" to secure his legacy and, as a result, had a bitter aversion to being famous. When celebrity status inevitably came knocking after T R A P S O U L's explosive success, his resentment towards his popularity seeped into his music.

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