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Bye.tide Premiere 'Heartbeat'

Italy's soft-electronic duo oozes suggestive tones.

Photo Credit: Marco Zanella

Two Italians, producer Francesco Pellegrin and singer Andrea Zambonini, make up Bye.tide.

The soft-electronic duo hooked up in 2017, when chance brought them together in a car traveling to a show in Milan. During the road trip, the two started talking music and discovered they shared similar musical tastes and production techniques.

A few days later, they got together and began work on music and lyrics that eventually became "Heartbeat," a song characterized by contemporary electro-pop elements: shimmering synths, as well as soft electronic percussion.

The official release of "Heartbeat" is tomorrow, December 7, on the Italian label, Factory Flaws.

"Heartbeat" opens with dark, industrial synths flowing into softer colors. The electro-pop-flavored tune rides cool, tight energy atop a thrumming bass line. The lyrics portray an attitude of envious disapproval, grudging admiration, and unwilling loyalty.

"Try to be cool / Worn out by you / Feel like a fool / I thought I knew you."

"Heartbeat" glows with brilliantly tight sonic projections and exquisite dynamics.

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