Cailin Russo has been making a name for herself in both the music and fashion world. With over 50 million streams and an LP, INFLUX, coming March 3rd, Russo is providing us with catchy beats that transport us from our homes to the club. Her music makes you want to get up and dance, and her new single "PSYCHO FREAK" is no exception.

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Russo's 'Joyride' Is A Trip

Luscious indie pop from one of the best bands around.

Russo - Joyride

L.A.'s indie pop outfit Russo takes listeners on a "Joyride" with their new music video.

Russo was born when Cailin Russo, who was working solo, decided she wanted to feel connected to something bigger. She wanted a band and after auditioning several musicians, she eventually teamed up with Haley Brownell (drums, vocals), Sean Ritchie (bass), and Tyler McCarthy (guitar).

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