Car Astor Shares Her Secrets in Latest Single "Hush"

Alternative-pop artist takes fans on an emotional rollarcoaster in new single.

After taking a year off from playing shows in an effort to find herself, NYC-based pop powerhouse Car Astor has returned stronger and better than ever with a series of alt-pop singles, including her latest release "Hush."

Astor, formerly known as SEE, is stepping outside of her comfort zone with "Hush," giving fans the perfect sneak peek into what she has planned for her second EP coming later this year.

The track begins with slow-building synths before introducing Astor's provocative vocals. As she sings about secret love and hiding from the truth, the guitar line takes center stage with an electrifying riff that thrusts us into a sonorous cloud of mesmerizing synths.

"The initial idea for 'Hush' came years ago and it definitely took a while until it fully grew into the track it is now," says Astor. "In my last single 'Don't Stop, Don't Speak,' the bass guitar plays a crucial role, and I love that it gets to be the star of the show in the chorus."

The singer goes on to explain that for the lyrics she pulled on the thrills and the sadness of love triangle situations that she has experienced. "I really tried to convey the mood shifts and the back and forth I felt during these situations with a dynamic and changing instrumental."

As the track comes to a close, Astor emotionally repeats the chorus, "All these secrets /Cause we gotta keep them hush," as the instrumentals build with intensity. The song then comes to a jarring and abrupt stop, as if to reveal that the secret has been found out.

With a desire to create vulnerable, honest, and relatable music, for both herself and her fans, Car Astor is opening up more than ever with her new music. "Hopefully, you can experience the same emotional rollercoaster I was feeling."

Get swept up in the secrets and check out Car Astor's latest single "Hush" below!

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